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Call It a Garage Conversion, Granny Flat or a ADU, We Call It a Space Creating, Money Making Investment for YOU!

Whether used for extra income or as an office or home gym, new legislation is making Auxiliary Dwelling Units a realistic option for more homeowners than ever before.

Leverage Home Ownership

If you’re like many homeowners, paying the mortgage on a Southern California property isn’t always easy. Renting out this space is a great way to add value to your home and defray mortgage costs immediately.

Work From Home? You Need an ADU!

Who doesn’t want extra space? ADUs can also be used for home gyms or a remote office, or for anything else you would like a semi-private space near (but not part of) your house. Garage conversions are perhaps the most common and least expensive way to add an ADU to your property, but other options include assembling a prefabricated unit or having a contractor custom-build a unit on your lot.

Cost Effective HVAC Is Essential

You’ll need to provide heating to qualify as an ADU That’s where we come in: helping you select and install the right system to keep your occupants comfortable.

Look, nobody wants to spend more than they have to when adding an ADU or converting inside space to a home gym or office.

To keep it comfortable and cost efficient you’ll want a separate thermostat, low cost installation and energy efficiency. A ductless mini split system provides it all and are perfect for ADUs.


They’re quiet and can be installed in a day or two, keeping labor costs down. And as most ADUs rely on the main house utilities, the high efficiency of ductless systems mean you won’t have to pay high electric bills to keep the space comfortable.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems Are Your Solution

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Easy to install and energy efficient, ductless mini-split heat pump air conditioners offer:

  • Local control with its own thermostat
  • Easy installation and simple upkeep
  • Low noise and fits with any décor
  • Excellent energy efficiency

If you have questions about ADUs or ductless air conditioning, call the ductless experts at Air-Tro. We’ll get you the answers you need to make the right choices for your home and your comfort.

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