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School Safety Update: Covid-19 Mitigation Protocols for Your Campus Start with Commercial HVAC

The guidelines are clear.

County, state and federal hazard assessment and Coronairus Disease mitigation is now codified for Los Angeles school districts. Much of the guidance relies upon implementation of a smart commercial HVAC strategy to ensure proper design, upgrades and best maintenance practices.

Air-Tro can help you make sense of hazard evaluation and the most cost-effective ways to accomplish mitigation implementation. We’ve put together a comprehensive White Paper on Creating a Healthy School Environment with HVAC that covers all the basics, and then some.


Whether it’s learning what you can do to ensure proper ventilation in every room, or how to select the best air filters, or the kind of air cleaning equipment mandated to reduce or eliminate viral particles from the indoor environment, we’ve got you covered.

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Healthy schools benefit everyone.

Remove, eliminate or isolate hazards with a comprehensive HVAC plan. Air-Tro is dedicated to helping education professionals not only comply with these rigorous guidelines, but to thrive in an atmosphere of comfort and safety.

Read our White Paper here.

Download “Creating a Healthy School Environment with HVAC White Paper”

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