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Want to increase efficiency, reduce utility costs, and maximize comfort with your air conditioning? Consider ductless mini split ac systems that don’t use traditional ductwork but instead rely on individual units for each room you want cooled. As a result with these units, you can control the temperature of separate rooms. This flexibility makes ductless cooling systems one of the most efficient HVAC systems available.

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Benefits of a Ductless Mini Split AC System

Air-Tro is experienced with installing the Samsung ductless mini split system.

There are several reasons to choose a ductless mini split AC system. And the following pros may help make your decision even easier:

  • Individualized and improved control – You can set different temperatures for each room, so there are no more arguments about anyone being too cold or too hot. Also, you can preset temperatures, depending on the time of day, to adjust the comfort of the room.
  • Energy-efficient – Since the ductless system is constantly adjusting its speed to meet the cooling demands of the room (rather than the whole house). And it needs less power to cool the space. Also, because it’s a ductless system, cool air is not lost in the ductwork, which is the case with conventional AC units.
  • Simplicity – A simple remote easily controls your ductless mini split AC systems, and almost anyone can quickly learn how to operate it.

The Ideal Situations for Adding a Ductless AC System

Ductless systems can make sense in a range of situations, depending on your home’s construction. However, there are specific applications where going ductless is ideal:

  • New additions, garage apartments, bonus rooms, sunrooms
  • Downsizing for larger homes
  • Serving multiple needs under one roof
  • Giving support to a room with heating and cooling problems
  • Adding AC to a home with no existing ductwork

With ductless mini split AC systems, you will find little to no fluctuation of temperature. And the air quality in your home improves overall. When it comes to customizing the temperature in every room in your home, nothing is as simple – and luxurious – like a mini split AC system.

Air-Tro Has the Installation Expertise You Need

When it comes to your ductless system, proper sizing and installation are a must for getting the benefits from the system. Therefore, it’s best to rely on professionals. You can trust the experts at Air-Tro in Pasadena, CA, to have the know-how for installing your new AC systems quickly, efficiently, and with minimal mess.

The most common options for installing ductless cooling include:

  • Ceiling suspension
  • Wall-mounted
  • Floor standing
  • Mounted flush into a drop ceiling

And after installation, Air-Tro is on hand to help with maintenance and any repairs you may need down the road.

Air-Tro brings residential cooling expertise to clients in Pasadena, CA, Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Valley, and surrounding areas.

With training and experience, our technicians can install and repair your system with minimal mess and get your AC unit back up and running ASAP, just in time for the hot weather.

Ductless Mini Split Installation by Air-Tro in Pasadena, CA, Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Valley, and surrounding area.
Air-Tro brings residential cooling expertise to clients in Pasadena, CA, Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Valley, and surrounding areas.
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