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Digital HVAC Controls and Building Energy Management Systems & Services in Pasadena, CA

Your building is an essential part of your business. It’s a complex, changing environment that can have a serious impact on your bottom line (and the people in it). If your systems aren’t operating optimally, it may be time to upgrade. Create a comfortable, safer environment with building energy management systems and digital controls for your HVAC system.

Digital controls range from thermostats to powerful, web-based software. Building energy management systems keep your business operating at peak performance. With control at your fingertips, you can perfectly tailor your digital controls and control systems to every occupant’s needs.

At Air-Tro, we offer a full line of building energy management systems and help you set them up. Whether you need a building energy management system for your home or business, we’ve got you covered. We offer brands like Carrier, Trane, Honeywell, and more.

What is a Building Energy Management System?

A building energy management system (BEM) is a sophisticated method to monitor and control a building’s energy needs. Additionally, the digital system (or pneumatic system) offers many more services. It can control and monitor a wide range of other aspects of any commercial building or residential structure.

Some examples of these functions include:

  • Air quality
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • HVAC

Pneumatic & Digital Control Systems

Pneumatic control systems use compressed air as a method of control for heating and cooling systems. The compressed air is carried via copper and plastic tubes from a controller to a control device, like a damper or valve actuator. The control method typically relies on sensors and thermostats that bleed or retain the line pressure from the sensor to the control device and the actuator.

The sensor responds to changes in temperature, humidity, and static pressure to provide feedback in a control loop to open or close the actuator to meet the control set point. Building thermostats with a pneumatic control system have one or more lines of air connected to it from the main source of compressed air and to some type of final device such as a valve.

While you can replace a pneumatic system with a digital control system, there are pneumatic-to-digital strategies available. In addition to installation, maintenance and repair of comfort cooling systems for commercial buildings and residential homes alike, Air-Tro regularly provides its customers with analog, digital, and pneumatic controls expertise.

What are the Benefits of Building Energy Management Systems?

Optimized Air Quality

Now more than ever, the well-being of the occupants in your building is extremely important. A building with optimized air quality can increase the confidence and productivity of the people inside.

Effective air filtration reduces pollutants and microbes, keeping occupants more comfortable and less exposed to airborne pathogens. It can also reduce disease transmission and dispel odors, chemicals, and CO2.

Increased Energy Savings

Building energy management systems can also help you save money on your energy bill. With digital controls and custom setup, you can streamline system inspections and service management. You can keep your system energy-efficient at all times.

With these controls, you can help maximize efficiency and enhance occupant comfort and productivity. It can also react quickly to what’s happening in a building.

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