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Commercial Air Purifiers for Industrial Spaces

commercial air purifiers for industrial spaces

Commercial Mounted Air Purifiers: Air-Tro Can Help

Commercial Mounted Air Purifiers

If you’re a commercial building owner in the Pasadena or San Gabriel Valley, you understand how important it is to have clean indoor air for tenants or your own employees. Luckily, the latest HVAC air purification techniques have been proven to neutralize dangerous bacteria, respiratory irritants and debris that otherwise can cause multiple short and long term health problems. It’s an issue for everyone who lives and works in California, regardless of the business in which you specialize, or the purpose for which your commercial building is used.

Clean Indoor Air Adds Value to Your Property

A commercial mounted air purifier adds enormous value to any office building, attracting new tenants and providing a compelling reason for current ones to remain. In this era of “sick building syndrome” and concern over environmental pollution, being a landlord who has taken concrete steps to control and improve the indoor air within their building separates you from the pack.

Industrial Air Purification Is a Safety Issue

In addition, having a commercial mounted air purifier you can count on is also incredibly important within an industrial setting. At Air-Tro, we appreciate that your shop or factory space depends on consistent HVAC and safe air filtration device performance, day after day. A broken part, faulty installation or incorrect maintenance doesn’t just mean downtime when it comes to your workflow. It’s lost income and lowered profits. That’s why Air-Tro takes the time to train and educate our employees in the latest technologies, best practices, and newest options in air purification and other HVAC equipment for yours and countless other businesses across the Southland.

Types of Air Purification Systems

Any HVAC system already provides a modest air purification system within its air filtration. However, whether your commercial building is mostly offices or is, in fact, a factory setting, in many cases that’s not enough to combat the pollutants, irritants, and debris that can otherwise contaminate air quality. In fact, according to the EPA, most of us spend up to 90% of our time in poorly ventilated indoor air, an environment that is often worse than the city smog outside. That’s a problem.

The type of system you choose will obviously be dependent upon your individual commercial needs. Air purification systems range from medical grade equipment to relatively uncomplicated, residential models, to air scrubbing and industrial filtration systems designed for strict OSHA compliance to ensure environmental and employee safety.

Commercial Mounted Air Purifiers

Air-Tro Provides Real-Time Solutions to Your Industrial Air Purification Concerns

Air-Tro can design and customize equipment to meet a wide variety of challenges, including dust, particle and fiber collection, chemical fume and vapor extraction, positive and negative air filtration, and more. Smoke removers and salon air purifiers, filterless air cleaners, and industrial cleaners are also available. Talk with our experts, and let’s create what works best for your commercial building.

Air-Tro: Family-Owned and Operated Since 1969

We’ve been a family-owned business since we started in 1969. Our employees are ones you’ll see not just for this service call, but perhaps on the visit, they’ll make to your office five years from now. There’s a reason we’ve been voted the Reader’s Choice award for heating and cooling services again and again by newspapers in the San Gabriel Valley and beyond. It’s because we specialize in the old-fashioned customer service that so often seems to go out of style in today’s competitive business world.

It’s not just about courteous, personable salespeople. It’s about expert knowledge, good judgment and a value-add perspective.  At Air-Tro, everyone you come in contact with from our company is focused on delivering you cost-effective products and services that save energy, save money and time now and in the long run.

Air-Tro may not be the biggest heating and air conditioning company in Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Valley or even Pasadena. But we do strive to be the very best. Read our reviews and free white papers. Check out our testimonials and multiple service awards, written by and voted on by people in businesses just like yours. We’re proud to serve the Southland. If you need a mounted air purification system you can count on, get in touch today with our team of professional HVAC specialists. We are confident you’ll be pleased not only with the products and services we offer but also with the value you receive during every visit. Call us today to schedule your consultation. (626) 357-3535.