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commercial maintenance contract, service and maintenance

Commercial Property Owners: Why HVAC Maintenance Contracts Make Sense 

Did you know a regular maintenance contract can save you money and help you use less energy when it comes to the HVAC system for your commercial building? Call Air-Tro today to find out more about how we can help you get the most from your heating and air conditioning equipment. (626)357-3535. 
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Hot Days, Cool Nights

We're blessed with one of the best climates in the world here in Southern California. Do enjoy it as much as possible while keeping your utility bills (and carbon footprint) within reason.
Historic building HVAC, service and maintenance

Commercial HVAC Upgrades in a Historic Building? Here’s What to Know

Did you know that Air-Tro has been professionally certified in historic buildings as part of our work with the Historic Building Energy Efficiency Program (HBEEP)? As the HVAC provider for the more than 100 year old Tournament House in Pasadena for the Tournament of Roses, we’re committed to helping historic building owners get more indoor comfort without sacrificing the integrity of their historic property. Call us today at (626) 357-3535 to find out more. 
whole house fan, ventilation, energy savings

Meet Your Best Energy Saver: the Whole House Fan 

Did you know a whole house fan can not only maximize the effectiveness of your air conditioning, but also be used in place of HVAC on warm (but not sweltering) days? Find out more from your HVAC specialists at Air Tro. We’ve been keeping Californians comfortable since 1969. (626) 357-3535. 
HVAC, air conditioning

What Your Pets Want You to Know About Your HVAC System

Did you know a clean air filter can help maintain air quality, reduce wear and tear on your HVAC equipment, and lower your utility bills by promoting energy efficiency? Call Air-Tro today to find out more about how we can help you get the most out of your HVAC system. We’ve been keeping California comfortable since 1969. (626)357-3535.
Summer Homeowner News 2023

Homeowner News Summer 2023

Check out the latest Homeowner News which includes "Prepare your AC for Hard Work" and "Tips for Improving Focus." You'll also find coupons you won't find anywhere else!