Commercial Unit & Infrared Heaters in Pasadena, CA


Commercial Units and Infrared Heaters for Pasadena, CA and Beyond

There are plenty of economical heating solutions that don’t require excessive piping, ductwork, or electrical lines. And, there are plenty of commercial HVAC options to fit the needs of the building and budget. With commercial unit and infrared heaters, you can keep your staff out of the cold without breaking your budget. Who says commercial building HVAC systems have to be expensive?

At Air-Tro Inc, we offer a full line of both high-intensity and low-intensity units and infrared heaters. And, these units require little to no maintenance or repairs.

What is Infrared Heating?

Unit and infrared heaters heat people, floors, walls, and other surfaces directly without heating the air first. When infrared heating is applied to an enclosed building, objects in the space absorb the emitted infrared energy.

Once absorbed, the energy is converted into heat and warms the surrounding air. With conventional space heating, the air is heated and circulated in order to warm objects and people within the space.

The Benefits of Unit and Infrared Heaters

Properly designed unit and infrared heaters can offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Reduce energy consumption – An infrared heater has confirmed fuel savings of 20% to 50% when compared to a warm air system.
  • Low harmful emissions – Infrared heaters burn clean and put off low harmful emissions.
  • Thermal comfort – Infrared heaters heat the floor zone, not the ceiling to improve comfort levels within a space.
  • Improved indoor air quality – Infrared heaters don’t rely on air currents to transfer heat, resulting in fewer chemical pollutants and cross-contamination of regularly occupied areas.
  • Durability – Low maintenance and quality components ensure a long life for unit and infrared heaters.

Types of Unit and Infrared Heaters


Infrared space heater

Infrared Space Heaters

These infrared space heaters work best in buildings with high ceilings and areas with a high demand for a heat load.

Infrared space heater2

Infrared Patio Heaters

These infrared patio heaters are used to provide outdoor spot heating to restaurant patios and decks.

Electric Infrared Heater

Electric Infrared Heaters

These electric infrared heaters produce heat by running an electric current through a high-resistance element. And, they are commonly used in areas where gas is unavailable.

Save Money on Your Heating Bill with Unit and Infrared Heaters

Unit and infrared heaters are more efficient and can help you save money on your heating bill. However, there are other things you can do to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck:

  • Invest in annual maintenance to make sure everything is running as it should
  • Clean air ducts and replace air filters to ensure proper airflow
  • If you experience recurring problems with your heater, replacing it right away is the best way to reduce costs in the long run

Maintain your heater and watch out for potential problem areas. By doing so, you can easily make sure your heater is more efficient and lasts longer.

Why Should You Trust the Professionals?

Working with units and infrared heaters can often be tricky work. Making a mistake can result in additional costs and headaches. This is why trusting a professional to complete the work is the best bet. At Air-Tro Inc., we believe in getting the job done right the first time.

A professional can also ensure your ductwork is up to par. And, they will also be sure all the work is completed up to code. The whole time they will take into account all your current heating requirements.

Make the Switch to Commercial Unit and Infrared Heaters Today

Are you looking to replace a heater or simply install a new one? The professionals at Air-Tro Inc. have the tools and experience to install your new heater properly. So, don’t waste any more money on recurring repairs. Install a new and efficient heater today. Call (626) 357-3535 today for a quote!