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Advancements in the heating and cooling industry always seem to revolve around increased efficiency and saving money with operation costs. That’s what makes a variable frequency drive system one of the most interesting improvements in the last 20 years. The experts at Air-Tro Inc. in Pasadena, CA can show you how to improve efficiency and increase savings with a VFD system today.

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Why use a Variable Frequency Drive System?

There are many factors that can contribute to the temperature of your building. Lighting, occupancy and computers can all make the building warmer than it is supposed to be. This can put stress on your HVAC system to keep a controlled temperature. A VFD system is a motor that attaches to the motor of you HVAC system to help assist the system at peak times. VFD motors provide savings to building owners since they mean your AC system does not have to work so hard during times when your building is excessively warm.

Benefits of VFD Systems

Building owners can see many benefits from a VFD system. Some of the most obvious include:

  • Money savings – Business owners reported a 35-50 per cent savings over conventional applications.
  • Reduced damage – Over the years your AC system can be subject to wear and tear. Using a VFD system to assist the motor means that less stress is placed on your AC and it will last longer.
  • Precision – A VFD system allows building owners to cater the level of power needed to the needs of the building. While traditional units use more power to overcompensate, a VFD will throttle power to the exact amount required.

Why Hire a Professional?

When it comes to additions or changes to your HVAC system, it is always best to hire a professional. Our technicians are familiar with your system and can install your VFD in the most efficient and safe way. We are completely up to date with all building codes and regulations and will leave you assured that the new component will work great for years to come.

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