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Pasadena UV Air Sanitizers Systems and Installation

Reduce allergens so you can breathe easy with custom Pasadena, CA UV air sanitizers system installation. Trust the experts at Air-Tro Inc. And call 626-357-3535 today to schedule an appointment. Also, save instantly on your next project by clicking here for online discounts.

In the average Southern California home, there are countless potentially harmful airborne pathogens at any given time. These can include dust, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, pet dander, and more. If you regularly experience allergies despite cleaning and vacuuming your home, you may often benefit from UV air sanitizers. Along with your air filters, your UV air sanitizers can help you get cleaner indoor air.

With advancements in UV sanitizer technology, Air-Tro can help reduce your home’s allergens and create a better indoor living environment for everyone in your house. The Air-Tro team is the go-to resource for installing UV air sanitizer systems in Pasadena, CA, and the surrounding area.

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UV Air Sanitizers Help Provide Top Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the air you breathe is vital to your health. Microscopic hazardous particles – like dust, mold, and bacteria – can be impossible to detect. Using UV-C light, UV air sanitizers neutralize 99.9% of the harmful toxins and particles that can enter your home. Once installed, UV air sanitizers create a neutral environment where you can breathe freely and will remain on as long as your AC unit is on.

Another vital component for clean indoor air is the air filter for your heating and cooling system. Air filters must be cleaned and replaced regularly to catch large particles and allergens before entering the air in your home. Filters are the best way to stop these particles from entering the vents.

If you live in Pasadena, CA, or the surrounding area, Air-Tro can help you install the best UV air sanitizer for your home. Our most popular UV air sanitizer is the RGF Guardian Air. The video describes how it works.

Breathe Easier With These Homeowner Benefits

From pet dander to dust mites, there are thousands of microscopic particles and allergens in your home As a result, your health may be affected in ways you don’t even realize. Also, even dirt from your shoes can bring harmful toxins into your home’s air.

A UV air sanitizer can kill some microorganisms and keep others from reproducing. If you or your family have asthma, allergies, or weakened immune systems, you will see the most benefits. There are several other reasons to invest in an air sanitizer, including:

  • Reduces bad smells
  • Helps limit your exposure to pathogens
  • Limits exposure to allergens
  • Helps prevent the spread of airborne bacteria
  • Lowers rashes, eye irritation, and sore throats

The Air-Tro professionals are air quality experts and know that our bodies are directly impacted by what goes into it, including the air we breathe. When you have our team install your UV sanitizer, we help remove these small particles from the equation, and everyone in your home can breathe fresher, cleaner air free of toxins and other particles.

UV Air Sanitizers Help Provide Higher Energy Savings

Only operating when your heater, furnace, or air conditioner is on, the UV lights use less energy than an air cleaner with a filter. Also, the lights can keep biological growth from clogging your HVAC system’s air filter, making it more efficient, which translates to lower energy costs and higher energy savings.

In most situations, the Air-Tro experts can add UV air sanitizers to your existing HVAC system. Because we have extensive experience with these units, we know how to determine the correct placement and sizing of the sanitizer. You can depend on Air-Tro to correctly install your new system, so it works properly, and you realize all the benefits.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality Today

When you call Air-Tro Inc. for a UV air sanitizer system installation, you can expect fast service. Our technicians are thorough and can have your system installed in a matter of hours.

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