Furnace Installation and Replacement


Pasadena Furnace Installation & Replacement

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There’s nothing as stressful as approaching winter with a questionable furnace. As the weather gets colder we begin to wonder if our furnace has what it takes to make it through the cold season. If you’ve been experiencing recurring problems with your furnace, it is most likely time to take the leap and replace it. Replacing a malfunctioning furnace is taking a preemptive approach to making sure you don’t run into a costly repair in the middle of winter.

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Save Money by Putting an End to Recurring Problems

Recurring repairs can end up costing more than installing a new system. Constantly worrying about what will go wrong next is no way to live, so if you experience any of these recurring symptoms, it may be time to make the change and replace your furnace.

  • Odd noises coming from inside the furnace
  • Loss of heating or cooling abilities
  • Leaking water around the furnace
  • Loss of air pressure coming from the vents

During its lifetime, a furnace may require certain repairs, that’s a fact. But if you experience these problems over and over again, repairs will only mask a problem that a full replacement can solve for good.

When Should I Replace My Furnace?

Besides incurring additional cost from repairs from recurring problems, there are other signs that your furnace may be on its way out. Typically a furnace will last 16-20 years before needing to be replaced, and newer, more modern models will always be more efficient, better for the environment and more cost-effective in the long-run. Replacing your furnace within that 20 year period is always a good idea. Some other reasons to replace your furnace can include:

  • Rising heating bills. If your unit is becoming less efficient, you will see it in your monthly bills.
  • Recurring problems requiring repairs.
  • Threat of carbon monoxide. If your pilot light is flickering or emitting a yellow light, it’s a sign that carbon monoxide is being created. Carbon monoxide is deadly and a problem like this needs to be solved ASAP.
  • Soot buildup on your walls or floors.
  • Cold spots in your house, indicating that the furnace is not heating evenly.
  • Cracks or leaks that can also cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Which Furnace is Right for My Home?

Natural gas is an excellent heating fuel, but any combustion appliance can pose a risk if it’s not treated with proper care. If your existing furnace isn’t running safely and efficiently these furnaces are all safe, effective home heating appliances.

Modulating Furnace in Pasadena, CA

Modulating Furnace

Precisely metered gas flow delivers the exact level of heat for your home.
State-of-the-art technology means you get the very best in comfort.

Deluxe Furnace in Pasadena, CA

Deluxe Furnace

Brings together the excellent benefits of modulation, variable speed, and super-high efficiency. Get the best home furnace available today for maximum comfort and minimum utility expense.

Conventional Furnace Pasadena, CA

Conventional Furnace

Proven technology, solid design and great value. Reliable and affordable comfort.

Variable Speed Furnace In Pasadena, CA

Variable Speed Furnace

Blower speed varies by demand. Hi-tech DC motor uses a fraction of the electricity of standard designs. Variable speed means gentle starts, smooth stops, and quieter operation without drafts.

Replace your Old Furnace Today

Whether your furnace is malfunctioning, threatening you with carbon monoxide or just not as efficient as it used to be, the experts in Pasadena furnace replacement have you covered. Call Air-Tro at 626-357-3535 to have your furnace inspected and repaired, or to see which one of these new heaters work best to keep you and your family comfortable.