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Server Rooms Cooling Systems

Server Room HVAC Maintenance Services Pasadena, CA

Pasadena Server Room HVAC Maintenance

Protect your commercial computer systems with professional Pasadena, CA server room HVAC system maintenance. Talk to Air-Tro Inc. at (626) 357-3535 for a quote. 

Server rooms generate a lot of heat. Without proper cooling procedures or even a small server room air conditioner, you can run the risk of overheating or damaging your servers. This disruption can add considerable cost to your operation and disrupt your business. Server room temperature matters. Let Air-Tro Inc. help with server room HVAC. We have been keeping Pasadena, CA comfortable since 1969 and have just the tools to make sure your server room stays temperate and functional.

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Inspections and Maintenance are a Must

Don’t wait until your server room has a meltdown to install one of our cost effective server room cooling systems. Don’t wait until your server room has a meltdown to install a cooling system. It’s a fact, computers get warm. A large amount of computers in a small room get even more warm and require more attention to keep cool. Installing a cooling system for your server room is an excellent start but as a business, you need to make sure the cooling unit is always running efficiently.

Making sure components such as air filters, blower motors, fan belts, bearings, motors and wheels are all working properly is vital. Many modern cooling systems for server rooms also use floor or rack mounted chillers to keep the area cool. In this case you need to make sure the refrigerant is working efficiently and the components are clean and working properly. We recommend at least 4 regular inspections per year to make sure your server room is covered and protected.

Tips to Keep your Server Room Cool

While nothing can replace a cooling unit in your server room, there are several things you can do to ensure the most efficient cooling possible in your room. Some tips and tricks include:

  • Use perforated raised access panels in rows – Placing these panels in front of the servers will force the cool air to go through the front of the servers and out the back. This will ensure a more even cooling distribution.
  • Run cables on top of racks – In previous years, cables were often run underneath floor panels. This restricted the flow of air and created a bigger cooling challenge. With cables running on top of the cabinets air can move more freely and cool better.
  • Don’t overload cabinets – Make sure your cabinets are equally full. This makes it easier on your air conditioner since it will provide a more even flow of cool air since no single cabinet will be warmer or cooler than the others.

Don’t Hesitate. Call Now

If you’re looking for expert server room air conditioning design or ways to lower server room temperature, call the experts at Air-Tro Inc. Our trained and experienced technicians can help develop and unique customizable cooling plan for your server room. Call (626) 357-3535 today for a quote.