“You can have any brand of thermostat you want, as long as it’s Honeywell”. Well, those days are gone (though Honeywell still makes the old dependable round thermostat we all remember). Today’s comfort system thermostats offer features like easy reading screens, remote internet access, touchscreen controls, or color displays. You can even have a wireless remote you can take with you from room to room.

Types of Thermostats

Below are some of the more popular options we install.

Touchscreen Thermostat Services in Pasadena, CA


Large screen, touch programming and uncluttered display make setup and use a breeze. Save money and cut energy use with a thermostat that keeps you comfy.

7-day programmable comfort system thermostats in Pasadena, CA

7 Day Programmable

Simplified operation and soft-key controls combine for a capable thermostat that is friendly to use. A well-designed, full-featured thermostat that looks good in your home.

Emerson Blue easy reader in Pasadena, CA

Emerson BLUE Easy Reader

Large, clear screen and easy setup make this a great choice for those who want to keep it simple. Display designed for baby boomers. Provides great value and good features. For further information view the Easy Reader Demo.

Ecobee comfort system thermostats in Pasadena, CA


Simple programming using touchscreen or remote Internet or iPhone access. Smart, green design saves energy, time & money. Remote web access gives you total control. Visit EcoBee for more information.

Honeywell Lyric thermostat in Pasadena, CA

Honeywell Lyric

Advanced WiFi thermostat with “geofencing.” It knows when your home is empty, cutting heating and cooling costs. State of the art convenience and comfort.

Emerson Sensi  comfort system thermostats services in Pasadena, CA

Emerson Sensi

Great WiFi Thermostat with smartphone access and control. Available for Redlink Thermostat only.

Quality Installation

The single-most important element that determines a heating and air conditioning system’s performance is the quality of installation. All of the units mentioned above require expert installation to operate properly. After all, if you purchase one of the above thermostats, you don’t want them put in improperly. Air-Tro has built its reputation on quality and craftsmanship when installing heating and cooling systems for homes and businesses. Proper technique and attention to detail result in comfortable, energy efficient performance, fewer breakdowns and longer equipment life.

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