Commercial HVAC Systems

Commercial HVAC systems for buildings come in a wide variety of designs and capacities. Finding the proper equipment for your application requires a trained and experienced professional. And, servicing it correctly calls for a skilled technician. We specialize in commercial HVAC services.

Commercial Heating and Cooling Room Unit Systems: How They Work

There’s a lot to know when it comes to understanding how commercial HVAC works. That’s why so many savvy business owners depend on Air-Tro for their commercial HVAC services. If you have an industrial warehouse we are qualified to service you. We can also service a new condo with all of its various HVAC systems. Cooling and heating an apartment building or even a brand new commercial refrigeration system, is totally within our ability. Listed here are a few of the different types of commercial heating and cooling room unit systems installed, serviced and maintained by Air-Tro.

Commercial HVAC Services in Pasadena, CA, commercial heating and cooling room unit

Rooftop Commercial Building HVAC Systems

Install new equipment or replace older units with quality, reliable rooftop commercial cooling systems. Available with gas or electric (heat pump) heat. Whether you need a new 2 ton or new 200 ton rooftop unit installed, we are your source. Learn more about packaged HVAC systems.

Commercial heating & Cooling in Pasadena, CA, commercial heating and cooling room unit

Water Source Heat Pumps

Water Source Heat Pumps combine a small footprint, good efficiencies and less need for ductwork and air distribution. They make an excellent choice for many multistory buildings. Save on space and save on your budget with these inexpensive alternatives. Better distribution also improves comfort and tenant satisfaction. Learn more about commercial water heat pumps.

Ductless Split Air Conditioner in Pasadena, CA, commercial heating and cooling room unit

Ductless Split Air Conditioner

Provides cooling and heating without requiring ducts or registers. Temperature control for rooms with odd hours; server rooms, conference rooms, telephone rooms. Great looks available for executive space, it’s a commercial cooling system that makes sense. Learn more about ductless mini-split systems.

Unit and Infrared Heaters Pasadena, CA, commercial heating and cooling room unit

Unit and Infrared Heaters

Commercial building HVAC systems don’t have to be expensive! Economical heating solutions that don’t require excessive piping, ductwork or electrical lines. Keep your staff and your product out of the cold without busting your budget. Learn more about unit and infrared heaters.

Chillers & Cooling Towers in Pasadena, CA, commercial heating and cooling room unit

Chillers & Cooling Towers

Built-up systems require specialized skills and equipment. Trust your mechanical and building HVAC systems to a contractor with a team of experts you can count on. Learn more about chillers and cooling tower systems. We specialize in commercial HVAC services.

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