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Industrial Air Conditioning

industrial ductwork

Looking for the Best Industrial AC Units for Your Commercial Building?

Then congratulations, you’ve come to the right place. Air Tro specializes in industrial air conditioners, with equipment from the very best commercial HVAC manufacturers across the United States and worldwide. We understand the needs of commercial business, which is why our trained and certified industrial air conditioning professionals will provide you with superior product knowledge, technical expertise, and service options, every time. Don’t take a chance on just anyone tinkering with your existing systems, or selling you services or products that don’t make sense for your commercial needs. At Air-Tro, we stand by our repairs, installation and maintenance services. We don’t just provide you with indoor comfort or commercial solutions, but also help you create an energy efficient, comprehensive HVAC strategy that will save you money on utility costs, year after year.

Choosing the Right Industrial Air Conditioner

Do you know what kind of industrial air conditioner you need? The choices can be bewildering when it comes to industrial hvac units in today’s marketplace. Like typical air-conditioning, industrial refrigeration is formulated on the same idea: a system using water or air-cooled by a refrigerant. This circuit, with its compressor, condenser, evaporation and expansion mechanisms, is similar in both residential and industrial types of air conditioning.

Packaged Units Spell Convenience

industrial hvac unitsHowever, unlike residential HVAC, industrial AC consists of a “packaged unit”. Instead of both indoor and outdoor parts to the system, industrial HVAC can have both in one component. This makes it easy to move industrial ac where you want it, when you want it, so it’s extra convenient for the needs of commercial industry. Furthermore, industrial AC units are frequently built to withstand more extreme temperatures, with a heavy frame to endure hazardous conditions if necessary.

Industrial air conditioning obviously has multiple applications, from cooling plants and warehouses, to offices and conference centers, computer areas and other telecommunication hubs to production plants and server rooms. Air-Tro can help you determine exactly the products and equipment you’ll need to create the ideal commercial space for your products and employees.

Why Air-Tro? Ask Our Customers.

We’ve been helping Los Angeles area businesses stay cool since 1969. Read our testimonials, and check out our reviews. We’ve received some local awards for more than 7 years in a row!

How did we become San Gabriel Valley’s leading industrial HVAC company? It starts with a commitment to service. At Air-Tro, we’re dedicated to helping our commercial and residential customers not only to enjoy indoor comfort, but also to save money. After all, who wants to spend extra cash on utility bills when they don’t have to? We specialize in energy conservation through the use of efficient equipment, correct installation, and timely maintenance of your system to ensure your HVAC system is always working at peak performance levels.

All of our trained and certified professionals bring extensive training and years of experience to every client’s project. At Air-Tro, you don’t have to worry about purchasing a system that won’t make sense in a year or two, or having a faulty installation transform an otherwise energy efficient HVAC system into an expensive boondoggle. We do it right, the first time, and every time. Call us today.