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Potential Heater Problems

Keeping an eye on your heater by inspecting it once in awhile is the best way to avoid an emergency repair. By noticing small changes in the way your heater works, you can prevent damage and anticipate repairs. If you notice anything unusual with your heater or a higher than normal heating bill, it might be time to call the experts.

Potential Heater Problems in Pasadena, CASome of the most common heater problems we encounter include:

  • Clogged or dirty air filters
  • Malfunctioning thermostat
  • Air flow problems caused by damaged belts, fan motors and bearings

If your heater is over 20 years old, it may be time to look into making a change. Older heaters are not as efficient than newer, modern models and you may notice a change in performance over the years.

When to Replace your Furnace

A typical furnace lasts 16-20 years. In that time it will lose efficiency and eventually begin to cost more in repairs and heating bills. Before you’re faced with an annoying repair or skyrocketing heating bills, make the call to replace your furnace with a more efficient and modern unit.

If your furnace is showing signs of damage, a flickering pilot light or a buildup of soot, it can mean that replacement is necessary.

Benefits of Using a Heat Pump

One of the more relatively unknown heating systems are heat pumps services. They are currently gaining popularity with homeowners and are a great option if you are looking to change things up. Some of the excellent benefits of heat pumps include:

  • Saving you money on energy costs – Heat pumps work by moving air around your home and using the air outside, or below-surface ground temperature to heat or cool the air. This method can save you money as heat pumps can run on many different fuel methods, including solar power.
  • Better for the environment – This specific method of heating is more environmentally friendly and will help reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Repairs happen less and cost less too – With heat pumps, there are less components to break and therefore less repairs are required.

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