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When it comes to heating your home, there are many options available. Heat pumps are gaining in popularity in recent years because of the efficiency and savings they offer. At Air-Tro Inc. we specialize in the installation and repair of heat pumps. Our experts can help with all heat pump questions and needs.

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How do they Work?

Heat Pumps are just that; units that pump heat, from either outdoors to indoors (in the winter) or from indoors to outdoors (in the summer). Your ordinary air conditioner is a heat pump, but that works in only one direction (it moves heat from indoors to outside). Heat pumps include a reversing valve, so they can move heat either direction.

While very similar to air conditioners, heat pumps are more complex and require special tools and training. A central air unit uses energy to condense the air and create cool air. A heat pump is more environmentally friendly because it uses the ground temperature, or outside air to create change, meaning less energy is being used and therefore a cheaper heating bill each month.

Two Types of Pumps

Since a heat pump works by transferring heat from one location to another, there are two main types of pumps that can work.

  • Air-Source – Moves warm air over refrigerant containers to lower temperatures.
  • Ground-Source – Pumps warm air below surface soil to cool the airflow.

What are the Benefits of a Heat Pump

Most homeowners opt to use heat pumps to save money and become more efficient. Since heat pumps do not use gas or electricity to heat the air, you can expect heating costs to significantly lower. Since heat pumps do not use these fuels, their working components are lesser, making repairs easier to spot and fix. Repairs and maintenance are also less expensive in the long run, making a heat pump an excellent choice for someone who wishes to become more environmentally friendly while also saving money on heating costs in their homes.

Install a Heat Pump Today and Save!

With the rising costs of energy, as well as the need to be more efficient at home, a heat pump is an ideal option to heat your home. At Air-Tro Inc. we are committed to providing our clients with the best advice.Air-Tro keeps a strong technical staff that can install, repair and maintain heat pump equipment efficiently and properly. Call today and see if a heat pump is right for you. Our experts are ready to answer all your heat pump questions. Call 626-357-3535 for a quote.