Energy Savings

Rising Temperatures and Rising Rates

Many things are changing in the world of energy and electricity. California is a world leader in moving to renewable electricity sources. We install more solar panels every year than the rest of the USA combined. But it’s still not enough. California utilities have until 2030 to get half their energy from environmentally friendly sources. They’ll be building more wind farms and geothermal plants to meet those goals. Those projects aren’t cheap. So expect your electric rates to constantly rise over the next fifteen years.

What can you do? Installing solar panels helps you supply clean energy. But what about cutting demand? The biggest consumer of electricity in most homes is the air conditioning. When it gets hot out, your electric bill will heat up, too. But it doesn’t have to. If your equipment is more than 15 years old, you’re burning twice the current you need to keep your home comfortable. New designs and new technology make modern systems twice as effective at cooling per kilowatt you consume.

So do your part to keep our state a leader in energy conservation. Bring your air conditioning into the 21st century. And save money, too, year after year. Higher rates are coming. But bigger electric bills don’t have to follow. Call us today at 626-357-3535 to learn more about an AC installation or replacement for your home.

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