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HVAC Climate Control Systems

Air-Tro Offers Total Control Over Your Energy Usage with Climate Control Systems for Home and Business

Whether you’re operating a Pasadena business that needs a clean room climate control system or interested in streamlining your San Gabriel Valley home’s total energy usage, Air-Tro can help you take control. We’re committed to offering you the latest in HVAC technology, including a wide variety of products and equipment that let you utilize occupancy-based automation and more. You’ll enjoy lower utility bills because your system is using far less energy than conventional HVAC, while still enjoying peak indoor comfort from technology that works smarter, not harder. Incorporating the newest breakthroughs in heating and air conditioning technology, these climate control systems are the future of sophisticated indoor environments worldwide.

More Than Just HVAC. Air-Tro Climate Control Systems Define Long Term Sustainability

When you get a climate control system for your home or business in the San Gabriel Valley from Air-Tro, you’re installing more than just heating and air conditioning. With custom remote control devices available, you can not only maintain temperatures but also access important data about your usage, all from the touch of a mobile phone or remote laptop. By programming in the temperatures you prefer for home or office, your thermostat can then create a customized schedule of usage.

This program will also tie in with specialized indoor activity sensors, products that triggered by motion to determine whether a room is occupied or not.  Unlike typical furnaces and air conditioners, these climate systems don’t waste energy when the room is empty. Instead, they only facilitate peak indoor comfort in those times when people are there to use it. Conserving energy without sacrificing indoor comfort: that is the ultimate definition of any Air-Tro climate control system.

Clean Room Climate Control Systems Customized For Your Business Needs

In commercial buildings that need efficient temperature management for a clean room, Air-Tro offers HVAC clean room climate control systems. This climate control system can directly integrate with various building automation products. It also facilitates energy savings and in turn, cost-effective utility use over time. This is helpful with energy costs seemingly on a continuous upward trend. Rather than a “one size fits all” approach, Air-Tro consultants will tailor this high-tech equipment to meet your requirements.

We work with a variety of companies across a huge range of industries and have designed, created and installed HVAC climate control systems to meet a myriad number of specific challenges. Ask us to show you exactly how we can help with real-time solutions designed with cost control and long-range value in mind.

Home Climate Control Systems That Save You Money and Keep You Comfortable

Climate control system for home and business

For home climate control systems, we offer multiple residential options for the homeowner who seeks to reduce their energy footprint, without compromising on indoor comfort for their family and friends. We understand how important it is to have equipment you can count on year after year, while letting you save money wherever possible on energy efficient products. Our consultants bring not only expertise in the newest technologies available, but years of experience within the field. Practical and energy conscious, they are committed to helping you find the most cost effective solutions, now and long into the future. Read our client testimonials to learn more about how our personable, experienced Air-Tro staff can help you install, maintain and preserve your heating and air conditioning equipment over the long term.

A Family Owned Business for More Than 50 Years

Air-Tro has been keeping Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley comfortable since 1969. It has won Readers Choice awards for best heating and air conditioning company year after year. We achieved this success by offering honest advice, responsible service, and quality products that will continue to bring you value. Rather than a “turn and burn” approach to business, we emphasize enduring relationships with our customers, both residential and commercial.

Family owned and operated, our service professionals are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers. Do you have questions about climate control systems for your home, office or clean room? Get in touch today and let us help you select exactly the right system for your commercial or residential space. Call us at (626)357-3535.