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Pasadena HVAC Economizer Installation & Maintenance

Save money and energy on your cooling services with expert Pasadena, CA HVAC economizer installation and repair. Call Air-Tro Inc. today at (626) 357-3535.

At Air-Tro Inc. our ultimate goal is to save you money. As a Pasadena, CA business owner, we understand the importance of reducing costs and increasing efficiency. If your cooling system could know when to shut off to conserve energy, you could save on your cooling costs each month. With an HVAC economizer, that is exactly what happens! Ask us how to save money on cooling today.

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How does an HVAC Economizer Work?

commercial hvac economizers, air compressor installation pasadenaMany factors contribute to the heat absorbed in your building, people, computers, machines and lights all can heat the building throughout a day. Your HVAC system works to reduce the effects of these things and provide a cool and consistent temperature throughout the building.

There are times however, when the temperature outside gets cooler than the temperature inside your building. At those times, you may want to turn off your compressor and rely on the outside temperature to cool the building. HVAC economizer operation does all this automatically. It will sense the outside temperature and turn the compressor off when needed.

Benefits of an HVAC Economizer

hvac economizer operation, air compressor installation pasadenaThere are many benefits to installing HVAC economizers. They are as follows:

  • Saving money – If your compressor is not running all the time, you will save energy costs on your cooling.
  • Environmentally friendly – Saving energy also means your system is more environmentally friendly.
  • Comfort level – Since the HVAC economizer is taking into account the outside temperature, your building will never be uncomfortably cold compared to the outdoors.

The one drawback to the HVAC economizer is the humidity factor. While the outside temperature may be cooler, it may also be humid. The HVAC economizer anticipates this with a built in feature called the enthalpy control. This works with the thermostat to measure humidity in the air as well, guaranteeing your employees constant comfort.

HVAC Economizer Maintenance

Maintenance to your HVAC economizer should be done at least annually. It includes:

  • Checking the condition of and setting the thermostat and enthalpy control
  • Making sure all the proper settings are in function
  • Lubricating dampers
  • Ensuring correct operation of the HVAC system at 100%
  • Testing the wiring and electrical terminals

With proper maintenance of an HVAC economizer, you can ensure increased energy savings and consistent comfort in your building.

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