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What is a Water Source Packaged Heat Pump?

In general, a heat pump uses ground or air temperatures to enact change and heat your building. Circulating air in a similar fashion to an air conditioner, a heat pump is a fantastic way to heat your building with efficiency and money saving in mind. A water source heat pump works the same way a regular heat pump does, except it uses water as the source to heat or cool the air. Buildings with access to a well or body water will find the most use out of a water source heat pump.

Benefits of a Water Source Heat Pump

packaged heat pumpThere are many benefits to having a water source heat pump. Some of the most obvious include:

  • Savings – If your building is located near a body of water, it is relatively simple to install a water source heat pump. You will save money on the installation as well as general monthly heating costs since the heater does not actually burn fuel.
  • Efficiency – Compared to an air source heat pump, water is more efficient. Even cold water contains more heat than air, and if your heat pump is located in an area with moving water, you can expect even greater efficiency as the water is constantly being replaced.
  • Simplicity – A water source heat pump does not need to be buried in the ground and will generally be unnoticeable around your building. With a simple installation and fewer parts to break or malfunction, you will enjoy peace of mind with a water source heat pump.

Are there any Limitations?

A water source packaged heat pump is limited to areas near bodies of water. Depending on the size of your building, you will need a larger area of water to install the pipes. There also can arise issues if the water source you are getting the heat from could ever freeze. This is why it’s important to consult your Pasadena experts on whether a water source heat pump is right for your commercial building.

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