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For a contamination-free workspace, trust the experts at Air-Tro Inc. for precision Pasadena, CA air flow hood installation and repair. Call (626) 357-3535 today. 

Chemical and biological industries rely on the use of air flow hoods to create clean workspaces. Sometimes referred to as a clean bench or a flow cabinet, these units purify the air and make sure the space you are working at is contamination-free. The professionals at Air-Tro Inc. in Pasadena, CA are trained and experienced in the installation and repair of these units.

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How Does a Flow Hood Work?

Typically made from stainless steel that is free of any crevices or joints, a flow hood pumps air at a constant velocity through a series of HEPA filters. This unidirectional flow of air onto a working surface provides and clean and particle-free work environment that is ideal for medical laboratories and other industries that require pure working spaces.

Types of Flow Hoods

There are two main types of flow hoods available. Each type has different models that are unique to the needs of the user, but the two main types stay the same. They are:

  • Vertical flow hoods – These flow hoods blow air vertically, usually in a downward motion on to the workspace that needs to remain clean. They are a popular choice because they resemble the way a clean room works. Vertical flow hoods also use gravity to push particles off the work surface usually through an opening in the front of the workspace. These units are also preferred because they take up less space and can often be installed on top of a regular lab bench.
  • Horizontal flow hoods – Pushing air from the back of the work space to the front, a horizontal flow hood typically takes up more space. These units are preferred if the work being carried out includes working with small parts or liquids. One of the downsides of a horizontal flow hood is that particles can be blown on to the operator since the flow of air will be blowing directly at them. This could prove a health hazard if particles are constantly being inhaled.

Flow Hood Tips

When operating a flow hood it’s important to remember a few vital tips. These include:

  • Never use bio-hazardous materials in a flow hood. Follow proper procedures for the materials used.
  • Make sure the unit is running for at least 15 minutes before using it. This will ensure the unit has time to purify the space.
  • Follow proper cleaning instructions to clean the hood, usually starting at the filter and sweeping in clean linear lines away.

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