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Humidity Control

Humidity Control System Install & Maintenance Pasadena, CA

Pasadena Humidity Control System Installation & Maintenance

Control the humidity in your commercial building with expert Pasadena, CA humidity control system installation and maintenance. Call (626) 357-3535 for a quote. Click here to save instantly on your next project with exclusive rebates and incentives.

Specific industries require specific levels of humidity. Keep your business protected with expert humidity control from the company that has been keeping Pasadena, CA comfortable since 1969: Air-Tro Inc. Our expert technicians are here to advise you and help with all your humidity control needs.

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Who Could Benefit from Humidity Control?

Almost every commercial industry could benefit in some way from humidity control. Whether it’s for a warehouse, office building or factory floor. Humidity has an impact on our work environment, so controlling it should be top priority for business owners. Some industries that could definitely benefit from humidity control include:

  • Cold stores – Areas that hold cold items such as food products and vegetables can experience low humidity that can be damaging. In this case humidity needs to be added to the room.
  • Paper and textiles – Low humidity around paper can increase static electricity and cause issues, while a low humidity in textiles causes threads and yarn to become brittle and break.
  • Woodworking – Many issues with woodworking are related to humidity. Warped wood, cracks and uneven surfaces can all be caused by improper humidity.

Why is Humidity Control Important?

Aside from the industry-specific humidity needs, there are some general reasons why humidity control is an important factor for all business owners. Some of these factors are:

  • Comfort – Making sure your employees and customers are comfort has a lot to do with the humidity level in your building.
  • Risk of mold – Moisture in the air or condensation on surfaces can cause serious mold and mildew issues that can lead to more serious structural and health safety issues.
  • Energy use – Up to a third of your cooling energy is used to dehumidify your building. It’s an important part of keeping your building cool during warm seasons.

What is an Acceptable Level of Humidity?

Humidity is measured two ways: relative humidity, which is the ratio of air moisture to the maximum possible saturation, and absolute humidity, which is the actual number of water molecules in the air. Typically the way it works is that the higher the temperature, the lower you want the humidity. High temperatures mixed with high humidity can be extremely uncomfortable.

Generally for human comfort, you want to keep the humidity to between 30-50 per cent relative humidity. Although to prevent mold and mildew from growing, it’s recommended to keep the air below 40 percent relative humidity.

Call for Professional Humidity Control Today

If you’re in need of humidity control in your commercial or industrial building, talk to the experts at Air-Tro Inc. Our technicians can provide unique solutions to your specific industry at reasonable and affordable prices. Call (626) 357-3535 today for a quote.