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Spark Resistant Blowers & Motors

Spark Resistant Blower Install & Repair Pasadena, CA

Pasadena Spark Resistant Blower & Motor Services

Protect your employees with reliable Pasadena, CA spark resistant blowers and motor services. Call (626) 357-3535 and speak to the experts at Air-Tro Inc. today. 

In many cases, a ventilation or exhaust system is put in place to move volatile or combustible fumes or chemicals. Industries that deal with these materials should always have a spark resistant blower or motor to prevent explosions or fires. At Air-Tro Inc. safety is our number one priority. Our technicians work with you and your employees in mind to create a safe and comfortable work environment.

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What is a Spark Resistant Blower?

Sometimes referred to as an “explosion proof” blower, a spark resistant blower or motor is a specially designed component in your ventilation system that can be used to ventilate rooms that may contain combustible compounds. It ensures the safety of the technicians in the room and protects the building from explosion or fire that can be caused if these compounds come into contact with a spark.

The preferred material used to make these blowers is aluminum, however plastics, monel and fiberglass can also be used. There are different categories for spark resistant blowers that work best in different circumstances. It’s important to know which category your industry would fit in.

Spark Resistant Categories

The AMCA is the governing body on spark resistant motors. They classify the blowers into three categories that are ideal for varying industries. The categories include:

  • Type A – This type offers the most spark resistance. It would be ideal for industries where it is very common for combustible materials to be ventilated. This type is usually always made of aluminum and is constructed in a way that no material rubs on any other material to create a spark.
  • Type B – Offering medium protection, this type is good for industries that don’t often come into contact with volatile materials, but might every now and then. It’s important that this type is built from non-ferrous materials and that the rotating fan does not come into contact with anything that can cause a spark.
  • Type C – With minimal protection offered, this type should only be used as a precautionary measure. It is the least expensive to install and only requires that the contact between components is reduced, not eliminated completely like in Type A.

Could you Benefit from a Spark Resistant Blower?

Many industries such as chemistry labs, paint storage units, chemical storage units and more can benefit from a spark resistant blower. Call Air-Tro Inc. today and speak to our professionals about your individual spark resistant needs. Our experts can help you decide which unit is best. Call (626) 357-3535 today for a quote.