Ductless Mini Splits

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Ductless Mini Splits: Your Solution for Small Spaces

Did you know ductless mini splits are the perfect solution for smaller rooms, ADUs, and offices where extra space isn’t available for a traditional heating and cooling system? Energy efficient and offering multiple customization options, it’s a real solution for many homeowners and commercial building owners looking to save money on energy and create more usable space without sacrificing indoor comfort. Call Air-Tro today to find out more. (626)357-3535.
Ductless Mini Split

Whole Home Vs. Ductless Mini Split Systems: Which Makes Sense for Your Residential Space? 

As their name suggests, ductless mini split systems run without ductwork, making them extremely convenient for ADUs or in homes without the space for a conventional HVAC system. However, they are costly to install, and don’t filter air as effectively as central heating and air conditioning. Are they right for you? Talk to an experienced HVAC specialist at Air-Tro to decide. Call us today at (626)357-3535. 
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Air-Tro Designated as Preferred Diamond Contractor by Mitsubishi Electric; Also Recognized as Samsung Dealer Program Champion

Air-Tro was recently designated as a preferred diamond contractor by Mitsubishi Electric, and recognized as a Samsung Dealer Program Champion by US Air Conditioning Distributors. Translation? We now offer even more perks, financing opportunities and product expertise for our valued customers. Get in touch with the HVAC experts the Southland trusts for all their heating and air conditioning needs. Call Air-Tro today. (626) 357-3535.
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Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners: Are They For You?

With all the newest technology, it can be difficult to choose the right air conditioning system that’s right for you. Call Air-Tro today to discuss the best way to save money on air conditioning costs while promoting indoor comfort. (626) 357-3535.