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Is Your HVAC Hurting Employee Productivity?

Indoor Comfort Is More Than Just a Meme

We wrote about it in this white paper, but the office wars are still upon us. Whether it’s considered too hot or too cold, your employees may still be uncomfortable. What’s worse: employee productivity may be affected. Studies show that uncomfortable indoor temperatures have a significant impact on employee work output and morale. Still have doubts? Consider a group of recent memes collected by the website Bored Panda, from employees everywhere!

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Upgrading your thermostat can not only enhance indoor comfort but reduce your energy spend as well. A smart thermostat also lets you select and control temperatures remotely.

air conditioning

If your workspace is freezing, you’re probably spending far more money on cooling than you need to. Consider scheduling an HVAC inspection to make sure your system is not overworked and under-efficient.

Ductless minisplits

Ductless split systems are a great way to keep everyone happy and away from the copier by allowing you more control over areas you heat and cool, and by how much.

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Men and women process heat differently. What feels too cold to one person may be just right for another employee.

energy efficiency


We don’t even know what to say about this.

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Got golden retrievers?

Indoor temperatures don’t have to be a source of contention in your commercial building. New HVAC product technology allows you to customize your building’s system to fit everyone’s needs around the office, the warehouse and within their living space. Let Air-Tro’s experienced consultants show you how.

Is your commercial building wasting energy? Schedule an inspection with one of Air-Tro’s experienced HVAC specialists today. (626) 357-3535.