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Office Thermostat Wars Got You Down? Say Hello to the Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner.

Wait Until You Find Out How Easy It Is To Stop the Snark with an Easy HVAC Solution.

If you’re like many commercial building owners, you have employees fighting over the temperature in the office. You might even catch someone in the maintenance room, trying to fix the thermostat themselves.

office split ac

If you own an older building, you might also be facing complaints from individual tenants over the temperature in their offices. Or your building might have an unusual shape or design, resulting in a charming layout but a nightmare utility bill.

Air-Tro Has Your Answer.

Don’t worry. We have your back. It’s called a ductless mini split, and it’s the cost saving, energy efficient way to cool your building without spending a fortune.

Save Money and Energy.

ductless-mini-split-air-conditioner-white-paper-thumbnailThis HVAC option is already popular throughout Asia and Europe, prized for its energy efficiency.

But it’s also extremely helpful for a variety of common commercial building problems, including cranky employees! Click the button below to download “Ending The Office Thermostat Wars” White Paper.

Download “Ending The Office Thermostat Wars” White Paper