Think a Smart Thermostat Is Too Complicated? Not if You Can Use a Smart Phone or Wi-Fi

Think a Smart Thermostat Is Too Complicated? Not if You Can Use a Smart Phone or Wi-Fi

Think a Smart Thermostat Is Too Complicated? Not if You Can Use a Smart Phone or Wi-FiA smart thermostat is a programmable thermostat that combines cutting-edge technologies with the reach and convenience of the Internet and smart phones to help homeowners manage energy usage and home comfort from work, in traffic or anywhere with a cell signal or online computer access.

Like conventional programmable thermostats, smart thermostats offer six or more daily event changes to help you customize temperature changes and energy savings to your lifestyle. By integrating the latest cyber technologies, smart thermostats work seamlessly with compatible cooling, heating and (de)humidification systems to “intuitively” raise the bar for indoor climate control. Smart technology offers the following benefits:

  • If your schedule has changed, or if you’re rushing out the door, you can connect to your smart thermostat via smart phone app or online computer to adjust temperature and humidity settings.
  • Select smart thermostats “learn” your routine and comfort preferences with the use of sensors that monitor motion, humidity and light. These thermostats are particularly helpful for homeowners often in a rush, or who do not wish to fiddle with programming.
  • Smart “Grid” thermostats link with utility companies to monitor peak usage periods and fluctuating energy prices, and adjust temperatures accordingly to save energy. These thermostats offer software accessible online to monitor and learn energy-usage habits, which can help curb energy consumption.

Compatible HVAC systems

It’s wise to work closely with your HVAC professional to select the best smart thermostat for your needs and home-comfort systems. If you’re upgrading your cooling and heating system, you can maximize efficiency with the appropriate thermostat, which boosts comfort and helps reduce wear on equipment.

For instance, if you currently use or are upgrading to a heat-pump system, you’ll need a smart thermostat with Smart Recovery Startup that tracks and learns the most efficient means to bring your home to scheduled temperature without activating the backup electric resistance heating (during heating months).

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