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Get a Leg Up on Indoor Air Pollutants With These HVAC Upgrades

Get a Leg Up on Indoor Air Pollutants With These HVAC Upgrades

Get a Leg Up on Indoor Air Pollutants With These HVAC UpgradesDid you know indoor air pollutants can be just as responsible for your allergies as seasonal hay fever? The more you can get a leg up on your indoor air pollutants, using appropriate HVAC upgrades, the more easily you and your family will be able to breath comfortably.
Here is some basic information regarding the factors that can affect your indoor air quality, and how to improve it.

Ventilation. Your interior air is often more “toxic” than the air outside. In addition to mold/mildew, pollen, dust, pet dander, and other debris that recirculates in your forced-air system, you also have household cleaners, toiletries and other pollutants to contend with. By ensuring your home is properly ventilated, with access to fresh air, you can keep indoor toxin levels more manageable. This includes venting appliances and using bathroom and laundry room vents. Also, consider whole-house ventilation as a solution that will provide you a balanced air supply.

Humidity. Regulating your interior humidity levels is good for your wallet and your health. By keeping humidity levels no higher than 60 percent in the warmer months, and 20 – 40 percent in the cooler months, you will conserve energy and prevent mold and mildew growth. You may want to consider adding humidification or dehumidification equipment, depending on the issues in your home.

Filtration. Have you checked your air filters this month? Ideally, filters should be changed at least twice a year, or as per the manufacturer’s instructions. However, if you are allergy prone, make sure to purchase high-quality filters, and consider changing your filters every month in peak allergy season.

Air cleaners. There are various types of air cleaners, from mechanical HEPA filters, to gas-phase and UV air cleaners. All of them work to suck air through a particular air cleaning device, which removes the pollutants before the air is recirculated. You can purchase table-top models, upgrade existing HVAC equipment, or purchase a new HVAC system that incorporates air cleaning devices.

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