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Improve Indoor Air Quality By Controlling These Airborne Particles

Improve Indoor Air Quality By Controlling These Airborne Particles

Improve Indoor Air Quality By Controlling These Airborne ParticlesWe often think of pollution as an outdoor issue. Haze, smog, smoke, dust — all of these supposedly belong outdoors. Unfortunately that is not always true. Unseen and often undetected, indoor air pollutants can easily invade your home and cause health-related problems including allergies, gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases. Tiny particulates are not only easy to inhale, they can also land on food, clothing and furniture, causing unwanted odors, spoilage and damage over time. Simply by controlling airborne particulates, you can improve indoor air quality. Here’s how:

Stop the source of pollution — The first step in controlling air pollutants is to eliminate them at the source. Vacuum regularly to remove dust, dirt and pollen. Replace filters on your A/C and furnace to keep them efficient. Adjust appliances to reduce emissions and have your HVAC system checked regularly to keep them working efficiently. Seal in other possible sources of pollutants such as attics and basements to prevent the release of particulates from fibers, mold, mildew and other sources.

Improve your ventilation — Nothing can improve indoor air quality at no cost like natural ventilation. Fresh air movement can push stale, polluted air outside and replace it with clean air. By opening doors and windows whenever the weather allows and turning on attic fans and ceiling fans, you can encourage air exchange between the outside and inside of your home. If you are running the air conditioner, you could also open the vent for a few minutes to get rid of dirty air. Turn on exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom during use to remove excess moisture and odor.

Install air cleaners — Air cleaners can work in tandem with your existing HVAC system by filtering and attracting airborne particulates. Some air cleaners can even absorb contaminants and kill microorganisms with the use of ultraviolet light while others can generate ozone that effectively removes tiny particles and create fresh, clean-smelling indoor air.

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