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indoor air quality

Indoor Air Quality, HVAC

You Can Improve Air Quality Inside Your Home with HVAC… and These Tips

Did you know you can improve air quality within your home with a great HVAC system and a few easy tips? Lessen allergies and respiratory symptoms with heating and air conditioning equipment that reduce airborne irritants instead of making them worse. You deserve better indoor air quality. Call the HVAC specialists at Air-Tro, Southern California’s experts for total indoor comfort. (626)357-3535.  
clean air, indoor air quality

Don’t Forget: Clean Air Is Comfortable Air

Concerned about indoor air quality in your commercial building? Get in touch with Air-Tro today for HVAC options that enhance the value of your real estate asset while adding the benefits of clean, comfortable air for your tenants and employees. Call us today at (626) 357-3535.
Humidity, indoor air quality

HVAC Maintenance and Your Home’s Humidity Levels: What to Know

Does your home have a humidity problem? It could be an HVAC issue. Consider scheduling a maintenance visit today from one of our certified heating and air conditioning specialists. We’ve been keeping the Southland comfortable since 1969. Call us today. 626-357-3535.
cold office

Common Commercial HVAC Problems and How to Solve Them

Have an indoor comfort problem with your office building, retail space, warehouse or other commercial space? Commercial building owners trust Air-Tro for all their HVAC maintenance and equipment. Call us today at (626) 357-3535.
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Should You Be Using a Dehumidifier in Southern California?

Humidity promotes mold, mildew and dust mite growth. It also forces your HVAC system to work harder. Get the indoor comfort and air quality specialists at Air-Tro to help you eliminate excess moisture from your home. Call us today at (626) 357-3535.

Musty Smell in the House? Your Return Air Ducts Could Be The Culprit

Do you have a mildew smell from your vents or a musty-smelling home? For more information on duct cleaning or if you have questions about musty odors in your return air ducts, contact the expert staff at Air-Tro, Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning, serving the greater Los Angeles and Pasadena area since 1969. We also serve the metro areas of Riverside and San Bernardino County.
ventilation prevents covid infection

Ventilation and Covid-19: The HVAC Angle

Fresh air in your home and your building matters enormously when it comes to keeping people safe and healthy, not just from Covid-19, but other illnesses too. Get indoor comfort with safe, efficient heating and air conditioning at Air-Tro, your HVAC specialists. Call us today at (626) 357-3535.