When the Air Outside is Smoky, It’s Time to Keep Your Indoor Air Quality Clean

Indoor Comfort Is Important For Health and Safety

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Woolsey Fire evacuation, November 9, 2018

We’ve all watched with sadness as fires have ravaged much of California in recent weeks. The fact is that these kinds of events are becoming more frequent throughout our state and especially within the Southland. While we don’t have solutions to the larger issues here, we can provide you with advice on keeping the air you breathe as clean as possible during smoky days like the ones we’ve all endured so far.

The air pollution generated from these fires is no joke. Smoke is bad for everyone, but especially for those who suffer from asthma, allergies or heart and lung ailments. Even those adults who only had asthma as a child but have since recovered are at risk for reoccurence. As Dr Jacqueline Moline, Northwell Health vice president of occupational medicine, epidemiology and prevention told the New York Times recently, “There’s a lot of particulate matter that becomes airborne from the fires. That’s what causes the pollution and so many of the symptoms people have begun to have: burning of the throat, burning of the eyes, nasal congestion and irritation.”

Further bad news? Growing evidence suggests that the particulate from these forest fires also lodges in our lungs and airways, increasing inflammation and reducing immunity overall. Risk of heart attacks also increases in high smoke areas.

The solution to all this? When there’s smoke, stay indoors. Now is not the time to run around the Rose Bowl or even go for a long walk. Avoid outdoor exposure wherever possible. According to the experts, you may also consider reducing usage of other irritants around the house during this period, including aerosol cleaners, sprays and harsh chemicals.

Consider an air purifier. Air-Tro can help you select an air cleaning system for your entire home. We offer multiple cost-effective options for ensuring safe, breathable air throughout your house or commercial space. Equipped with high tech filtration devices, these systems are easily installed and integrated into an existing HVAC system. They not only remove smoke particulate, but even viruses, bacteria, dust and mold. Today’s purification systems can provide fresh, clean air to every room in your home, 24 hours a day, no matter what the conditions outside.

If a whole-house air HVAC air purifier is not yet in your budget, consider purchasing a small, portable unit in the interim. These units do not clean all the air in your home, but can be used inside one room. Equipped with a HEPA-grade air filter, they can provide credible protection against smoke and unhealthy particulate in a small space. However, remember that these portable units do not protect everyone inside the home.

Outdoors, consider wearing a respirator in excessively smoky areas. Remember these too come with risks, as they reduce oxygen intake and can increase heart rate.

Questions about the air quality in your area? Check air quality where you live with https://airnow.gov, updated hourly across the United States. Whatever you decide, remember that the safety and well being of your family is always paramount.

Our hearts are with all of those affected by the Camp and Woolsey fires.

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