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Generators: Standby or Portable for Your Monrovia Home?

Generators: Standby or Portable for Your Monrovia Home?

Generators: Standby or Portable for Your Monrovia Home?Unfortunately, power outages are a fact of life in the Monrovia area, whether they happen because of wind storms, thunderstorms, earthquakes or simply from high demand during the air-conditioning season. To avoid the inconvenient or possibly dangerous effects of a prolonged outage, an increasing number of homeowners are relying on backup generators during such periods. If you are considering one for your home, you will have to choose between a portable model or a professionally installed standby unit.

Portable vs. Standby

Portable generators are small models that are designed for temporary use anywhere power is not available. They can be set up in a matter of minutes and do not require installation. Standby models are larger units that are permanently installed outside your home and connected to its electrical system through an automatic transfer switch.

Benefits of Portable Generators

A portable generator is more versatile because it can be used for other purposes besides emergency power, such as for camping or construction. It tends to cost less than a standby model and it requires no installation. Once set up, extension cords can be run inside to power your appliances, or you can have an electrician install a transfer switch that requires only one cord for power. When the electricity is back on, you can store the generator somewhere out of sight. There are portable models that use diesel, gasoline or propane.

Benefits of Standby Generators

A standby generator automatically supplies power when needed and it is installed professionally. Standby models are available to serve larger electrical loads than portable units, and they tend to be quieter and more reliable. Typically, they are connected to a permanent fuel supply, such as a municipal natural gas line or, with diesel and propane units, a bulk supply tank that is professionally refilled, reducing the risks of storing and handling fuel. Due to the permanent installation, carbon monoxide risks are lower than with portable systems.

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