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Energy Star’s Most Efficient Appliances: Look For The Label And Save

Energy Star’s Most Efficient Appliances: Look For The Label And Save

Energy Star's Most Efficient Appliances: Look For The Label And SaveEnergy Star’s Most Efficient label made its debut this year, after conducting an extensive pilot program. The new label offers consumers an easy way to identify the highest-efficiency products in a few categories to start, with more categories planned in upcoming years. Learn how the label evolved, and why you should use it when shopping for HVAC equipment.

The Energy Star label began in 2009 as a joint effort by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE). And it’s been a resounding success, with consumers using the logo to identify products that encourage energy savings, and lower energy consumption, thereby reducing the demand on natural resources and generating a lower carbon footprint.

Energy Star’s Most Efficient label was born out of the need to give consumers an easy way to differentiate between efficient products, as some products merely meet qualifying minimums, while others score off-the-charts in efficiency. The Most-Efficient label clearly identifies products that outperform the competition, offering benefits such as:

  • Energy savings – To qualify for the Energy Star logo, an air conditioner must score at least a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) 14.5. To qualify for the Most Efficient label, air conditioners must meet at least a SEER 16; however, many units score in the 20s. These higher-efficiency A/Cs offer significant energy savings for homeowners who install them, particularly if the home is energy efficient too.
  • Environmental – Air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces that are ultra-efficient also release fewer greenhouse gases, as compared to Energy Star-qualified systems, and those that meet minimum federal standards for efficiency. Homeowners who opt for equipment that bears Energy Star’s Most Efficient label know that their home is contributing a lower carbon footprint.
  • High-tech features High-efficiency HVAC equipment employs features that greatly advance efficiency and comfort, such as the variable-speed air handler, modulating gas valve, two-stage compressor, and so forth. These features also tend to run at lower speeds, with less on-off cycling, so they last longer.

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