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Replacing Your Air Conditioning System: Features To Look For

Replacing Your Air Conditioning System: Features To Look For

Replacing Your Air Conditioning System: Features To Look ForReplacing your air conditioning system is an investment that takes careful consideration. Today, there are more options than ever to meet the specific needs of homeowners. Take time to learn of the advanced features to help make your investment a wise and informed one.

All air conditioning systems, old and new, depend on free airflow and optimal heat exchange to reach maximum energy efficiency. Naturally, new technologies and enhancements focus around these two factors, as well as quieter operation. All of the following advanced features use less energy, provide better function, last longer and operate with substantially quieter noise levels.

  • Variable-speed air handlers significantly improve home comfort. They have nearly undetectable start-up speeds. If not for the nice, even temperatures and complete comfort, you may not realize your A/C was on at all. The air handler slowly increases speed and, most often, maintains a moderate velocity using much less energy than standard air handlers. This also enhances dehumidification properties.
  • Two-stage scroll compressors are engineered to pump the exact amount of refrigerant required for optimal heat extraction. Noise is significantly reduced using a sound blanket and improved mounts. In conjunction with the variable-speed air handler, scroll compressors work very well with popular zoning systems and smart programmable thermostats.
  • Desuperheaters use excess superheated gases to heat water for your storage water heater system. By utilizing what would be wasted heat energy, this method of heating water is about three times more efficient than electric storage water heating. That is substantial savings, considering that water heating accounts for up to 25 percent of utility expenses in the average home.

Though not technically a component of the air conditioner, smart programmable thermostats should be considered when upgrading your air conditioning system. These thermostats are designed to enhance ease of air conditioner operation for ultimate convenience, worry-free comfort and greater energy savings. Smart programmable thermostats monitor system function, indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity, and adjust your air conditioner automatically.

High-tech, high-efficiency air conditioning systems are a pleasure to own. Contact Air-Tro to learn more. We serve homeowners in L.A. and Orange Counties, and the Inland Empire.

Our goal is to help educate our customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).  For more information about air conditioning systems and other HVAC topics, visit our website.

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