Sealing Air Leaks Around Your Greater Pasadena-Area Home

Sealing Air Leaks Around Your Greater Pasadena-Area Home

Sealing Air Leaks Around Your Greater Pasadena-Area HomeJust a few years ago, homeowners and contractors didn’t really understand energy efficiency and energy was cheaper, so sealing air leaks tightly and properly wasn’t a priority. These days, however, we do a much better job of using the right techniques to increase comfort and savings.

These seven areas are the focus for sealing air leaks in California homes:

  1. Ceiling and floors: Ceilings need attention because they are the first line of defense against the attic air. The same goes for the floor, which often sits above a crawl space or basement. Proper sealing around all joints and corners is vital for fighting the pressure that builds because of temperature imbalances.
  2. Walls and outlets: Your exterior walls often have subtle weak points, like electrical outlets and cable wires, which allow a small but constant exchange of conditioned and unconditioned air. A blower door test can help locate all these leaks so they can be properly sealed.
  3. Ductwork: Damage and loose connections occur over time, but homeowners don’t see the issues, so they don’t realize they exist. Faulty ducts can rob your system of 20 percent of its efficiency, so they must be fixed, sealed and insulated.
  4. Plumbing openings: The holes where plumbing pipes enter/exit the home are also a weakness. If you notice any gaps between the pipes and your walls, caulk needs to be applied to close the openings completely.
  5. Fireplace and chimney: The airflow through the fireplace and chimney should go one direction: up. If you have a draft stopper that is leaking air, apply caulk around the edges or replace it if it’s old or damaged.
  6. Fans and vents: The ventilation system must be treated just like ductwork, with proper sealant and insulation at all vulnerable points.
  7. Doors and windows: Every door and window needs to be sealed with caulk. These spots are particularly problematic because pressure builds around the glass and joints, forcing air in and out. Also, look into upgrading to airtight windows and doors.

If you want to save money and stay comfortable all year, contact Air-Tro. We’re experts in sealing air leaks for Greater Pasadena area homeowners.

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