Checking Your HVAC Filter: A Year-Round Endeavor

Checking Your HVAC Filter: A Year-Round Endeavor

Checking Your HVAC Filter: A Year-Round EndeavorWhen we say checking your HVAC filter is an endeavor, don’t take that to mean it’s something that is hard to do. All we are trying to say is that you have to make a conscious effort to make it part of your routine, and do a little research at the beginning to ensure you know which type of filter is best for your home.

Once you find the right filter and make filter changes it a habit, you will enjoy energy savings and increased comfort all year.

Follow these tips for checking your HVAC filter:

  • Check your filter every month. Dirty filters can rob your system of up to 15 percent of its efficiency, which costs you money. With that in mind, you should set a reminder in your phone or computer to check your filter on the same day every month.
  • Replace it immediately. When you notice that the filter is dirty, change it or clean it right then and there. As dirt builds up, it blocks airflow, straining your HVAC components, leaving pollutants in your air and forcing the HVAC system to consume too much energy. Your heating and cooling equipment is too expensive and important to put it at risk when all you need to do is replace the filter. It also helps to keep a few extra filters in the garage so they’re ready when you need them.
  • Use the right filters. You may be able to get by with cheap, one-inch filters for a while, but better filters will provide better protection for your system and keep your indoor air healthier. Filters are rated by the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) scale which goes from 1-20. The cheap filters are usually rated below MERV 4 but most homes need a rating between MERV 6 and MERV 11. These filters remove a large majority of particles without inhibiting airflow significantly.

For more energy savings tips, contact Air-Tro. If you’re a homeowner in greater Pasadena, we can help with everything from checking your HVAC filter to upgrading your equipment.

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