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energy savings

woman checking fuse box home during power outage blackout no electricity concept

A Power Outage Can Occur At Any Time And At Any Place — Are You Ready?

It’s easy to take electricity for granted until -- suddenly -- the power goes out and you no longer have access to it. Our goal is to help educate our customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). For more information about power outages and other HVAC topics call Air-Tro at 626-357-3535.
Thermostat, commercial HVAC

5 Benefits of Investing in a Smart Thermostat

Today’s smart thermostats offer plenty of options and convenience too for the discerning commercial property owner. Ask one of our HVAC professionals today about your most cost-effective options. Call Air-Tro. (626)357-3535. We’ve been keeping California comfortable since 1969.  
one in 4 economizers work

FYI: Your HVAC Economizer Is Probably Broken [INFOGRAPHIC]

Economizers are mandated by the California Energy Code's Title 24. Most commercial building owners don't realize their HVAC systems are most likely equipped with this problematic feature. Save money and avoid future problems by getting your economizer inspected today. Call us at (626)357-3535.