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Improve Indoor Comfort and Lower Costs with Energy Efficient HVAC

Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference to Your Bottom Line.

commercial HVAC, energy savings

Did you know that most commercial buildings spend up to 8% of their operating expenses on heating, cooling and ventilation, according to recent US Department of Energy estimates? That translates into a lot of money for many commercial building owners, especially when you consider that increased energy efficiency not improves your bottom line, but your business in general.

Aside from the proven connection between indoor comfort and greater office productivity, benefits also include reduced employee fatigue, greater customer satisfaction, increased product storage safety, data server reliability and more. And in today’s world, energy efficiency even improves your marketing efforts! Tenants choosing between a “green energy building” and an ordinary one quite often find the former far more appealing.

Fantastic, you may say. But how can you improve energy efficiency without spending a whole lot of money? Not counting the huge tax breaks you can now take advantage of for upgrading your HVAC equipment (outlined in our white paper commercial building owners), there are a few simple options you might consider today that will make a real difference.

Upgrade Control Panels

A lot of older HVAC systems don’t have the control mechanisms available in 2019. In turn, they are less sensitive to occupancy rates, production demands and even just outside conditions. This often means they are heating and cooling far more than necessary, costing you money when you don’t need to spend it.  Upgrade these controls, and save big on operating costs immediately! In fact, a 2012 Department of Energy study found that just an energy efficient HVAC control system could save building operators on average up to 38% on their heating and cooling. These integrated energy management systems let you create customized schedules based on your actual schedule, not just the clock.

Explore Variable Speed Drives

Called VSDs, these nifty options allow you to reduce energy consumption of your pumps and fans by up to 35%. Standard equipment run only at one speed: full power. In contrast, VSDs allow your equipment to operate with rates that change with changing energy loads. In other words, a VSD lets your fan or pump to slow down when there’s less need for it.

Plan for the Right Maintenance

Just as you would never let your car go without a regular lube, oil and filter, you should treat your commercial HVAC equipment the same way. The consequences otherwise are just too costly and easily preventable. A recent study by FacilitiesNet revealed that commercial building owners who plan and implement regular maintenance schedules can save up to 50% on annual HVAC costs by doing so. We get it: who notices your HVAC system unless it’s not working? But the fact is that regular checks, repairs and preventative care will save you big in the long run.

The bottom line? Energy efficient HVAC is cost effective. Don’t overlook it as a way to save money, especially since you can do so while promoting indoor comfort too.


Increase the energy efficiency of your commercial building’s HVAC system, and save big money! Call Air-Tro today to find out how. (626) 357-3535.