You Can Improve Air Quality Inside Your Home with HVAC… and These Tips

Reduce Indoor Allergens Immediately 

Indoor Air Quality, HVAC

Often going unmentioned, one side benefit to a great HVAC system is improved air quality. In other words, with the right maintenance and technology, you can reduce or eliminate harmful allergens and other floating bacteria, irritants, and other debris inside your home. 

So how do you get indoor comfort and better indoor air quality? We’ll go from the simplest techniques to the most advanced, below. 

First, start with your air filter. Inexpensive and easily swapped out for a new one, a clean air filter can block allergens, dust, and organic material before they get to you. Consider changing yours at least every three months, more if you have pets or have experienced recent local fires, or windy conditions. Even a minor home remodel project can mean it’s time for a new air filter to reduce potential irritants.

Next, consider your home’s ventilation. While leaky doors and windows should be sealed to prevent energy loss, make sure interior doors and vents are always left open to improve airflow throughout the house.  Do not close vents in an unused room. It will only force your system to work harder to heat or cool the rest of your home. Remember, better airflow will also mean better air quality. 

Vacuum and dust frequently. This may seem obvious, but it’s worth a reminder that the more you have dust, fur and outside debris tracked in from outside, the more it will affect your indoor air quality, too. Don’t let it build up. And while the impact of indoor plants on air quality has been called into question, it can’t hurt to have them. In addition to any air cleaning properties, science has shown that the presence of indoor greenery improves mood, reduces stress, and leads to better health overall. 

Regularly service your HVAC system. You’d be amazed how many HVAC issues can be spotted early and resolved with a regular inspection from a qualified professional. Many heating and air conditioning breakdowns, leaks and other problems start off small, and are difficult to detect by the average homeowner. Along with cleaning your equipment, performing routine upkeep and other maintenance tasks, your service professional will also check for standing water, leaks and other problems that can lead to poor indoor air quality… and eliminate them. 

Install an air purification feature to your equipment. Your options range in price and capability, and it’s well worth a discussion with your heating and air conditioning professional to discuss what features work best for you and your home. Today’s whole house systems use a variety of techniques including UV light, ionic technology, HEPA filtration and more to bring clean air to every room in your home. 

Here in Southern California, with our fire season, smog, and dust from Santa Anas, allergies and unpleasant respiratory symptoms can be a real problem.  Make your home a haven with improved air quality, along with indoor comfort. Talk to your HVAC professional today. 



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