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Cost Cutting in 2023? Consider an HVAC Preventative Maintenance Contract

Head Off Costly Repairs with Regular Inspections 

Service and Maintenance, HVAC, air conditioning

Modern heating and air conditioning equipment is pretty complicated. With multiple components working together and out of view in most everyday situations, things can malfunction without notice, issues going undetected until a total system breakdown.

This kind of reactive HVAC maintenance strategy gets expensive before too long. In today’s competitive economic climate, we’ll be the first to tell you: make another plan. Signing up for a preventative maintenance plan with a qualified heating and air conditioning company is mission critical for protecting, preserving, and ensuring your indoor comfort is never compromised. 

Here’s a brief list of just some of the ways a regular maintenance program helps you take control of your HVAC operations and budget.

Leaks and moisture issues

The consequences of leaks can be devastating, not only to your equipment but to air quality as well. What starts out as a small drip can easily result in a pool of hidden standing water over time, with dangerous mold and bacteria spreading throughout your building. With a maintenance contract, your service professional will check drain pans and lines for leaks and clogs on a regular basis.

Electrical problems

Whether it’s a loose wire or a faulty connection, minor electrical concerns can lead to bigger ones unless corrected. Your technician will inspect all electrical connections to make sure they’re functioning properly as part of a regular maintenance routine.

Refrigerant levels 

With changes in humidity, a refrigerant line can sometimes develop a small crack or minor leak. Undetected, the refrigerant can seep out over time, reducing cooling power and forcing your HVAC to use more energy to do the same job in keeping your building comfortable. The energy bills will keep rising, while the reason for it will stay hidden. Again, regular maintenance can prevent this kind of worst-case scenario from occurring, and keep your system energy efficient 24/7. 

Dirty Coils and Fan Blades

Dirt, dust, and other airborne debris can easily contaminate fan blades and coat your evaporator coils. As you might imagine, these problems in turn can have a negative impact on your HVAC’s overall functioning, ultimately leading to equipment failure. A good service technician will always inspect these elements of your system and take care to keep them clean and in top condition overall. 

These are just a few of the ways in which regular maintenance can address small problems with your heating and air conditioning before they become larger ones. Don’t waste money on energy bills caused by broken or faulty equipment. Avoid the hassles that come with a system that’s been ignored for too long. Sign up for a cost-effective service maintenance plan today. 


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