Electrical Issues with Your Commercial HVAC System?  

Here’s a Guide to Common Electrical Problems with Heating and Air Conditioning

commercial HVAC electric

When it comes to electrical concerns, we always want to remind our customers: don’t be a hero. Saving money with do-it-yourself repairs makes sense when it comes to some HVAC problems, but electrical systems are complex and dangerous unless you really understand what you’re doing. However, it can be helpful to take a look before calling in the experts! 

First, before inspecting anything, turn off your system if you think your commercial system has an electrical problem. It’s an important safety measure before getting started. Next, take a moment to review this brief checklist of some common ways electrical systems can go wrong when it comes to heating and air conditioning. You may find that your issue is listed below. 

Weird Wires

Your HVAC system has multiple complex parts, and even a single loose wire can wreak havoc on overall functioning by disconnecting or lessening power flow to individual components. Loosening wires can occur with wear and tear. The good news they can be easily replaced or repaired. 

Fuse Failures

Whether a fuse has been incorrectly repaired, or the wrong one swapped in, a fuse problem can lead to a faulty connection and poor system performance (if your system runs at all).  Your HVAC has particular electrical component specs that correspond to the system’s make and model. Use the incorrect one at your peril. 

A dirty fuse coated with dust or other irritants, can also create a poor connection, interrupting energy flow which in turn affects system performance. Regular inspections and cleaning by a trained heating and air conditioning professional can prevent these kinds of problems from occurring at all. It’s another great reason why you should always have a certified HVAC technician handle all installation, repairs, and maintenance for your commercial heating and cooling. 

Capacitator Capers

Your capacitator is a very important part of your overall system. After all, it’s the element responsible for charging and turning on your HVAC motor. Functioning well, it delivers energy to your AC. If it’s not working, you might hear a humming noise when the air conditioning is on, or experience frequent and inadvertent shut offs. You could also notice that no cold air is blowing even when the system is on. 

All these issues may signal a problem. One of our technicians can test it with a multimeter and get your system on the road to recovery. 

Again, don’t play around with electricity. If your HVAC isn’t powering up like it should or working correctly, it’s time to call in the experts. Even better, scheduling regular maintenance and inspections can eliminate most of these surprises altogether. 


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