Pets and Indoor Air Quality: What You Can Do  

Enjoy Cleaner Air for Everyone in Your Home with These Simple Household Tips

Indoor Air Quality, HVAC

Almost everybody has a dog or cat these days, especially if you own your own home. In fact, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, more than 48 million homeowners own a dog, and more than 31 million homeowners are owned by a cat… 

Particularly if you have a family member with allergies or other respiratory issues, keeping your home as clean as possible and free of animal dander is a priority. Below, we outline ways you can use both commonsense tips along with best practices for your HVAC system to keep indoor air safe, clean, and comfortable for not only humans but also four-legged friends. 


Hair Care Helps 

First, let’s start with your pet. Brush your cat or dog regularly, to minimize shedding. Most dogs and cats love being brushed. Heck, we know a couple of dogs who enjoy being vacuumed, but we don’t necessarily recommend that. But frequent brushing and even professional grooming, if they need it, can go a long way towards reducing the amount of loose dirt and fur in your home.  Wash pet bedding and apparel along with sweeping and vacuuming often. 


Filter Changes Make a Difference 

When it comes to HVAC, you can also improve air quality by changing your filters monthly, if necessary. Air filter replacement is not difficult and the filters themselves are both inexpensive and available everywhere. Don’t ignore this easy way to remove much of the dust, dander, and organic matter from airflow circulating in and around living areas. 


UV Light Purifiers Proven to Remove Irritants 

To take the air quality inside your home to the next level, consider installing UV-C lights within your HVAC system. Proven effective in reducing and eliminating airborne germs, bacteria, viral particles and more, air purification works. Installed either to sterilize individual components of your air conditioning (like the coils or condensation pans) or within your ductwork with an In-Duct UVC system, UV light can neutralize the potentially allergenic effects of dogs, cats and other furry folk. Discuss your options with a qualified HVAC technician who can help you select exactly the right upgrades. 


Maintain Your Equipment

Finally, make sure you maintain your HVAC system regularly. Along with air filter changes, keeping your ductwork clean and critter free, inspecting for leaks and water damage, and repairing or replacing components before they fail completely are essential steps towards maintaining not only air quality but indoor comfort within your home. Even a single, small leak in your ductwork can mean an excess of fur, dust and other debris floating around not only in your HVAC system but in the air you breathe, as well. 


So enjoy your pets. And keep the inside your home as clean as possible, too. Your family will thank you, including the ones who can’t talk. 


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