Install a Mini-Split Air Conditioner and Go Ductless

Install a Mini-Split Air Conditioner and Go Ductless

Install a Mini-Split Air Conditioner and Go DuctlessIf you have a space that’s hard to cool in your home or are considering an addition or renovation, consider a mini-split air conditioner. These are remarkably efficient ways to cool spaces because they don’t use ductwork and deliver the cooled air directly from an air handler. 

These systems offer all the energy efficiency of central air conditioners and heat pumps, but don’t take nearly as much room. The air handler hangs from a wall or ceiling or it can rest on the floor. These systems use an outdoor condenser, just as central systems do, but connect to the air handler with a flexible conduit that contains the refrigerant, drainpipe and power. The major benefits of the mini-splits include:

  • Energy efficiency. Mini-split air conditioners have to meet the same energy efficiency that central systems do. The minimum stands at 13 SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) and some mini-splits include features that raise the minimum into the 20s. They offer better efficiency, even at 13 SEER, than central systems because there are no thermal losses due to ductwork or air losses due to leaks.
  • Easy installation. Since the mini-split doesn’t use ducts, its installation is fast. The HVAC contractor positions the air handler where it’ll do the most efficient job, then places the outdoor condenser outdoors. He or she drills a small hole through the exterior wall to run the conduit to the air handler and makes the connections. The refrigerant is loaded at the factory, which means that the mini-split air conditioner always has the right amount.
  • Flexibility. Larger mini-split systems allow you to add as many as four air handlers, so you can expand the system in the future. The position of the air handler is also flexible. Each air handler has its own thermostat, and when you’re not using the room or space, you can turn the air handler up or off, saving electricity.

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