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Where Your Ductwork Won't Go, The Mini Split Delivers

In almost every new building or renovation job, the amount of physical space available for expanding the project is limited. In HVAC applications, the ductwork that carries the heated and cooled air from the main HVAC unit must be accommodated; without it, the furnace or air conditioner will be useless. Ductwork can take up a lot of area in the construction plan, however, and there simply may not be enough room to add more. In cases such as these, a ductless mini split heat pump can overcome problems with placement or extension of ductwork systems.

Ductless mini splits can be effective alternatives or additions to traditional HVAC systems. Flexible and powerful, they offer the same level of heating and cooling as larger ducted systems, but do not require a network of bulky ducts to distribute conditioned air throughout your home.

A mini split consists of two main elements. The first is a large outdoor unit about the same size as a traditional heat pump’s outside cabinet. This unit contains the main system components such as the condenser and compressor. The second element of a mini split is the indoor air handler that distributes the conditioned air generated by the outdoor unit. Up to four air handlers can be used with each outdoor unit, and they are connected to the outdoor components by power cables and drainage pipes extending through a conduit in the wall. Each indoor unit has a separate thermostat for individualized temperature control.

Because the indoor units need no ducts, they can be placed almost anywhere inside your house, limited only by the length of the connections to the outdoor unit. One or more of them can be put in any room or area that requires heating or cooling. This flexibility and focused operation makes the mini split a very good choice for your home comfort needs.

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