Contractors & Licensing

Check The Contractor’s License

In California, any job that costs $500 or more for material and labor must be performed by a licensed contractor. They must hold current, valid licensing from the Contractors State License Board in the specialty for which he or she is contracting.  The CSLB maintains a toll-free telephone line at (800)321-2752 from which callers can obtain a variety of information, including license status. The same information can be obtained from the CSLB website, at

Do not hire an unlicensed contractor. As you know, an HVAC system is an investment. Properly operating cooling and heating systems have several key components that must be installed and maintained properly. Your comfort, HVAC investment, and the value of your property could all be ruined by a contractor without licensing.

Licensed Contractors in Pasadena, CAThe CSLB  ( Contractors State License Board) was established in 1929, and licenses and regulates contractors in the construction industry.  The CSLB has issued these licenses sequentially since 1929. Also, they can give you a good guide as to how long a contractor has been in business.

California’s contractor licensing rules divide HVAC work into multiple classes, making it vital that your contractors cover all the bases. In addition to our C20 (HVAC) license, Air-Tro also holds licenses in C10 (Electrical Contracting), C36 (Plumbing) and C38 (Refrigeration). That means we can handle all the utilities that HVAC equipment must connect to for proper operation. If a project requires even more outside trades (framing, roofing, etc.) we also hold a B (General Contracting ) license. This gives us the legal certification to manage any other trades on your project. Air-Tro employs a full-time Professional Engineer (PE-Mechanical) for plan submittals if needed.

Air-Tro’s License Number is 258228.

Licensed • Bonded

Air-Tro is bonded by: American Contractors Indemnity Co., 9841 Airport Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90045

Bond# 17027 for $10,000