Tests & Accessories

All central air conditioners are not created equal. Home comfort systems require testing sometimes. How does yours stack up when put to the test? How does it fare against rising utility costs? What about day to day wear and tear and the weather extremes typical to the San Gabriel Valley? Air-Tro can help you maintain your current system and maximize its efficiency! This helps you to save money and boost your system’s performance, year after year. The right accessories or new parts can make a huge difference, without costing a huge amount of money.


AC System Refresh Pasadena, CA

A/C System Refresh

Replace old & worn parts with factory-fresh components. New contactors, capacitors & relays add reliability to older systems. A 10 year old system may be good for another decade. But some parts fail before others. Get the weak links out.

sure switch relay Pasadena, CA

Sure Switch Relay

Heavy Duty electromechanical relay in sealed case. Includes 5 year limited warranty. Contactors are hard-working, but don’t live forever. This replacement give great peace of mind.

EcoTech Motor Pasadena, CA

EcoTech Motor

Cuts electricity use by furnace blower, saving $100-$200 per year (or more if blower runs continuously for IAQ). Adapts your existing furnace to use state-of-the-art technology to improve comfort and reduce electricity usage.

Fresh Air Intake Pasadena, CA

Fresh Air Intake

Introduces outside air into the home for “free” evening cooling, and replacing the stale indoor air. Simple way to cut cooling costs and bring fresh air into your home.

Curved Blade Diffusers Pasadena, CA

Curved Blade Diffusers

Gives the best pattern of airflow combined with least obstruction for maximum performance. Cheap stamped grills compromise the performance of your system.

Backup Generators Pasadena, CA

Backup Generators

Installation of a natural gas fueled electric generator doesn’t take long. Today’s models have automatic controls. Don’t wait to restore your peace of mind. Learn more about our home electric generators.

Unsure how to maximize your central air conditioning system’s performance? Get the answers from Air-Tro. We know how to test and accessorize home comfort systems. Call us today to speak to one of our experienced, certified HVAC consultants! We can help you save money, and get comfortable. (626)357-3535.