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Backup Generators

Backup Generators in Pasadena, CA

When the winds kicked up, did your power go down?


Pasadena windstorms can leave hundreds of thousands without power, some for days. Thanks to the hard work of local government and utility workers, most of the damage is behind us. But what about next time? Or what if another blackout takes place because of high demand, earthquake or a failure in the electric transmission grid?

You probably noticed that, in the sea of darkness, there were a few islands of light. Some homes and businesses kept the power on using private generators. Critical facilities, such as hospitals and police stations, are required to have standby power available. But you can get the same peace of mind for your home.

A backup generator has many benefits. Here are several of them:

  • The backup generator automatically activates during a blackout
  • Your heating and cooling systems, electronics and appliances can continue to operate
  • These generators are high-tech and safely provide power to your home
  • You have the energy to help you take care of children and those who cannot care for themselves during the emergency

Installation of a natural gas-fueled electric generator doesn’t take long. Today’s models have automatic controls. Power loss is detected and the generator fires up to fill the gap. Within 60 seconds, your lights are back on and your appliances are ready to use. Your home’s heat is restored, and your family can get back to their everyday lives.

Often, during natural disasters, many people will make a rush to get a generator. Unfortunately, this takes them out into the natural disaster. Also, it leaves them competing with everyone else who waited until the last minute to get a generator. Perhaps you’ve seen it where they couldn’t get one because the stores ran out? You can avoid that strife by planning ahead. Call Air-Tro today to set up your backup generator.

Don’t wait to restore your peace of mind.

Call today to ensure you don’t get left in the dark again. 626-357-3535