Sensors & Safety

Sensors & Safety

Certainly, we all want to keep our family and friends safe. And, no one likes to waste money. Save money and avoid unnecessary equipment replacement with regular upkeep and maintenance of your central air conditioning system. Our carefully selected collection of products will help keep your equipment running smoothly for years to come. Remember, the right components not only alert you to problems in your current system. In most circumstances, they prevent them from happening in the first place. Get smart when it comes to your indoor comfort.

Devices for Maintenance and Safety

The following inexpensive devices can prevent safety issues in your home. And, some of them are specifically suited to maintaining or extending the life of your central air conditioning system.  Check out our selection below.

Central Air Conditioning System, Sensors and Safety, Carbon Monoxide Alert Pasadena, CA

Carbon Monoxide Alert

The sensor provides regular monitoring of potential lethal monoxide buildup in your home. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless. Is it in your home?

Sensors & Safety and Your Central Air Conditioning System, Outdoor Sensor Pasadena, CA

Outdoor Sensor

Allows your thermostat to display outdoor conditions as well as indoor ones. Not available for some thermostat models.

Sensors & Safety and Your Central Air Conditioning System, Comfort Alert Pasadena, CA

Comfort Alert

Provides 24-hour monitoring of your air conditioning equipment to quickly find and fix compressor & electrical trouble. Saves money by minimizing repairs and reducing diagnosis times.

Sensors & Safety and Your Central Air Conditioning System, EZ trap condensate trap Pasadena, CA

EZ Trap Condensate Trap

This trap makes drain blockages easily visible and easily cleared. Protect your ceiling and interiors from a common source of water damage.

Sensors & Safety and Your Central Air Conditioning System, Easy Seal Pasadena, CA

Easy Seal

Halt refrigerant loss from hard-to-find pinhole leaks. Save energy – and money. Protect your cooling investment with state-of-the-art lubrication.

Sensors & Safety and Your Central Air Conditioning System, drain pan float switch Pasadena, CA

Drain Pan Float Switch

This device prevents drain pans from flooding or overflowing. A must for any furnace in the attic! The unit has an auto-shutoff to stop water buildup before damage can occur.

Confused about the best ways to preserve your current HVAC equipment and have it function at maximum efficiency? Call Air-Tro today to discuss how we can help you repair and maintain your existing air conditioning system to keep it running at peak performance (626)357-3535.