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Be On the Lookout for These Commercial HVAC Issues This Summer

Addressing These Hot Weather Problems Will Bring Cool Savings to Your Wallet

Commercial HVAC issues

It’s pretty universal: no commercial property owner wants to deal with an HVAC breakdown in the summertime. Tenants aren’t happy with AC that doesn’t work, and it’s proven science that employees will work less efficiently in an unpleasantly warm environment. Like a Minneapolis commercial heating system going out in January, HVAC problems in SoCal’s hotter months spell disaster, if not an all-out emergency if they happen.

Nevertheless, familiarizing yourself with common summertime HVAC problems will prevent these situations from occurring. For example:

Poor Airflow

Few SoCal property owners are aware of tremendous toll the pollen, pollution and other local environmental irritants take on HVAC air filters. They get dirty, folks, and do so quickly. Fortunately, air filters for commercial HVAC systems are not expensive. They just need to be changed out often, especially during the summer months. If they’re not, indoor air quality will suffer, exacerbating allergies and forcing your air conditioning to work harder than necessary to cool your indoor spaces. This also results in breakdowns and equipment failures that don’t need to happen! Like changing the oil regularly in your commercial vehicles, make sure you change the filters in your AC too: once a month, if necessary.

Malfunctioning or Broken Capacitor

Is your air conditioner slow to start the cooling cycle once you switch it on? Is it shutting off for no apparent reason? If your outdoor condenser(s) hums, you smell burning outside from the equipment, or you notice the fan blades inside the machinery aren’t turning as quickly as they should, it’s time to have an HVAC professional check the capacitor.  With the high voltage of a battery, this is not a piece of equipment you or your average handyman should inspect yourself.

Don’t feel badly- it wasn’t your fault!  A broken or damaged capacitor can occur as a result of a power surge, extremely high temperatures, or overloaded circuitry.  In any case, it will need to be repaired or replaced immediately to keep your system working efficiently. Do not ignore or let your HVAC continue to run until it breaks down completely, as doing so will only cause more damage to your equipment.

Refrigerant Problems

During the hottest months of the year, your HVAC system may run low on refrigerant. Essential to smooth operation of your heating and cooling equipment, this liquid must be present to do its job. Ironically, you may notice a refrigerant leak when your system doesn’t have much of it to go around. Get in touch with your HVAC technician to schedule an inspection at once to prevent equipment breakdown.

Luckily, staying alert and taking care to address a few common maintenance issues can keep your system running smoothly not only now, but all year round. Stay cool and enjoy the season!


Summertime means AC, and if your HVAC needs repair or replacement, it’s time to call the professionals at Air-Tro. We’ve been keeping California comfortable since 1969. Call us today: 626 357-3535.