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Commercial HVAC Rebate Now Available from Air-Tro

Commercial HVAC Rebate Now Available from Air-Tro

Commercial HVAC Rebate is Now Available from Air-Tro, Inc.

The Air Conditioning and Heating Company was Approved by Southern California Edison to Offer the Rebate Program to Commercial Businesses 

Air-Tro, Inc., an air conditioning and heating company located in Monrovia, Calif., has just announced that they have been approved by Southern California Edison to be part of a commercial HVAC. According to a company spokesperson from Air-Tro, just 50 contractors were chosen to perform replacement work for SCE’s “Early Retirement program” for commercial businesses.

As the spokesperson noted, commercial and industrial businesses can save by upgrading to high-efficiency HVAC equipment thanks to Southern California Edison’s Early Retirement Program, which has been nicknamed Cash for Commercial HVAC Clunkers.

According to the California Energy Commission, 2006 California End-Use Survey #CEC-400-2006-005, a building’s energy consumption is typically its largest operating expense. Around 44 percent of a commercial building’s energy consumption can be attributed to its HVAC systems, the survey found. In addition, among Southern California businesses, the HVAC is typically the largest consumer of energy, the single largest contributor to peak demand and the highest operating expense.

The goal of the new Early Retirement program is to reduce peak demand by replacing old inefficient operating HVAC units with new high efficiency units, as well as paying incentives for the replacement of older, but operational, commercial HVAC equipment with new high-efficiency units.

“The incentives provided by SCE’s Early Retirement Program will encourage and assist building owners in the immediate replacement of inefficient operational HVAC units,” the Air-Tro spokesperson said, adding that the rebate is $400/ton and is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

“The program is effective until funding is expended or discontinued by the California Public Utilities Commission.”

In order to be selected as one of the 50 contractors, the Air-Tro spokesperson said companies were thoroughly screened by SCE and had to meet rigorous criteria.

“Contractors participating in the program don’t just sell equipment, but provide services to ensure that HVAC units and their attached air distribution systems are operating at their peak efficiencies,” the spokesperson noted.

Because as HVAC units age, they degrade and operate less efficiently, the Early Retirement program can help lower commercial facility utility bills and allow them to become more energy efficient.

“High efficiency HVAC systems reduce energy consumption, save money, and prevent costly system breakdown,” the spokesperson said, adding that in addition, EPA-mandated production cuts have quintupled the price of Freon®.

“It gets worse; in five years virtually no new Freon® will be produced at all. New units use R410a, which has no production limits and is now much cheaper than Freon®.”

Commercial business owners with older inefficient equipment that continually needs repair may try to take advantage of SCE’s Early Retirement Program to replace their equipment. Company owners are welcome to call Air-Tro at (626)357-3535 to find out if their HVAC unit is eligible.


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